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Kevin Moss

Glen of Rothes trout and coarse fishery
It is winter but this week has been better than previous couple of weeks of the new year.No matter how cold it gets there is always open water at the Glen for fishing and we are never closed, unless for safety issues that would make it unsafe for anglers and it is supposed to be fun and a pleasure sport.This week saw plenty of anglers out and about and with some very good fish being caught.Saturday and Sunday  was 2 complete different days.Anglers couldnt go wrong saturday and sunday was that bit harder.The only thing which was common was the colour of fly which seemed to be white that was taking most fish.Okey dokeys,white fritz,white nomads and lime and white scruffs for examples.
Fish were to be found deep down rather than higher in the water and some examples from this week were,Dave Drake a 5lb fish,James Abel had a great day with a 10 lb rainbow his best of 13 fish,Graham Yeaman had an 8lb fish,Seamus Maguire on his birthday was rewarded with a fish of 6lb 13ozs and a 5lb 11ozs fish and with his 3rd fish (which was his first fish as you are required to kill your first fish and can select your other fish after this)made a bag weight of 14lb 11ozs for three fish,David Geddes had a beautifull Blue at 7lb 8ozs,Robbie Fowler a 6lber out of his 12 fish,Jamie Arthur a 6lber and most anglers managed an average of 3 fish on their sessions with only a couple of blanks during the week.
Coarse loch
Here the loch was frozen for part of the week but is all open at time of writing and a couple of anglers fished what was open and managed fish.Paul Witkowski had roach on red maggot and Bob Jackson had bream and roach on double maggot.
Millbuies trout fishery
The loch has been frozen so there hasnt been any fishing here this week and clearing fallen trees has been the activity and that is all done now.It should fish really well once it is clear of ice and the newly introduced Browns at the back end of last year should have found their lies by now and settled into the loch and will provide some great fishing with some rainbows and blues to go in it should be interesting fishing this year for anglers.All daily updates can be found on our facebook pages for both fisheries.We will be doing some film work on Millbuies in the better weather with Fly fish Dreamer ltd and will need to close it for a couple of days to get this done, as it will be going over to the film festival in America along with the newly released Once in a Lifetime Scotland DVD which was released at Christmas.

Some of the wildlife you can see around the fishery.This was caught this week on the hill at the fishery.