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Haddo Trout Fishery ( to August 27th )
« on: August 27, 2007, 22:51:35 PM »
Hi folks  :cool:

Hoppers, F-Fly, Sedge and Hare's Ear Emergers were on the menu at Haddo this week, with the Okey Dokey Buzzer also proving very productive.

The trout have been rising well throughout the day, although evening fishers have had more success a few inches down, Mike Dutch tempting 10 fish up to approx 10 lb on a Claret Bumble.

The split cane rods were certainly put through their paces at Saturday's Bamboo Gathering, Mike Livingstone's "wand" coping well with 12 fish up to 7 lb on dries.

Another good week for fish in the 6 to 13 lb range too, with Scott Sim possibly enjoying the best session with 19 fish up to approx 13 lb.

(below) Dave Gordon playing a nice trout in bright sunshine,
conditions that also produced an 11 lb fish for his boat partner Duncan MacKay  :wink

(below) Putting a good bend in their bamboo rods, Mark Jones (stern) Mike Livingstone (bow)  :z15  :z15

(below) Nice fish Mike .......... Nice cast Mark.
Mark had 8 fish up to approx 6 lb on the day, including his 1st on a bamboo rod  :cool:

(below) It may be a bamboo gathering ........
but why miss a chance to get the flippers on thinks Dave Olley  :z4

(below) Mind you ...... Dave certainly put his cane rod through its paces on the day
and he enjoyed catching so many fish that he forgot to record them in the catch book  :z7

(below) Boat 43 is back at Haddo following some serious restoration work by Sandy Reid.
Beautiful ........ Thank you Sandy  :z16

Best wishes
Mike Barrio
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