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Kevin Moss

Good winter fishing this week.
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Glen of Rothes trout and Coarse fishery
Winter fishing is known for being very good when conditions are right but fish do come on the feed and off quickly during these months,but its certainly worth it.This week has had excellent conditions and the returns have showngood sport for anglers with plenty of bigger fish being caught and putting up some good resistance to come to the net.Gordon Grant had 21 fish,Damon Harrison had 10,John Taylor had 11 with a cracking fish of,full finned and tailed at 7lbs 14 ozs,Josh Barron had  8 on both his trips, with fish upto 7lbs,Shaun Barron had 6 on his trips upto 7lbs,Kevin Barron had 7 and 8 fish and his best was close 7lbs,Mark Bell had 11 fish,Willie Petrie had 17 fish,Jim Eddie had 20 fish,Jimmy Rhind ha d9 with his best at 5lb 10oz,Willie McRobbie had 11 best at 4lb3oz,Neil Smith had 14 and his best was a beauty at 7lb 1ozs,David Simpsonha d10 fish,Chris Johnston had 11 best at 5lb 1oz,Ian Savage had 9 best at 4lb 7oz,David Morrsison had a good fish at 6lb 13ozs,George Stewart snr had a 5lb 12 ozs to finish off a great week at the fishery.Best flies have been cats whisker and orange blobs in the main with okey dokeys also working well.Consett budgies did take a few fish but it was the colour orange being the most popular taker.
The monthly club competition was won by Chris Johnston with 2 fish for 8lb 4ozs.Next compettion is on the 27th Dec and will be followed by the Race night at the fishery for Christmas celebrations for Club members and invited Guests.
All season tickets are now taken for 2015 and no more will be issued for next seasons fishing.If anyone wishes to go on the waiting list place yournames at the fishery for season 2016 as they run from dec 1st to Dec 1st each year after which no more are issued.

Coarse loch.
Again most fish being caught have been roach,rudd and bream and maggot has been the best bait to use.Fish were caught close in on the pole.

Millbuies trout fishery
The lochs are now closed untill January 2015 after many loads daily over the last 2 weeks of brown trout being stocked and will now over winter ready for the new season.This will suit Millbuies and its wild surroundings well and rainbows and blues will go in ready for the season and will be top class fish  as normal with slightly larger fish intended this year to double figures to add to the quality of the fishing.We will place the opening dates on our webpage and facebook pages.

Please note that now as we enter into the winter months its worth ringing before you travel to ensure that the fishery is open as we will close if conditions are not safe or suitable to fish.We will publish daily details in cases of bad weather here and on our website.Also note our closing dates for Christmas and new year.closed 23rd,24th,25th and 26th Dec,OPEN 27th,28th and 29th Dec and then closed again 30th,31st,1st and 2nd Jan and then open as normal after this.
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