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Kevin Moss

Glen of Rothes trout and coarse fishery
More settled conditions suited fishing better and made it alot more of fun which fishing should be.Fish are still eager to feed and mild conditions are keeping them feeding for longer,when normally at this time of year they are more opportunistic in their patterns of feeding and on and off quickly so as not dispersing and wasting energy they require to see them through the cold months.Orange and brighter colours,with occasional changes to a black fly have been the most productive.Buzzers such as okey dokeys always a favourite at this time have worked on static methods but also free lined.Some examples of catches this week were,Chris Boyle with 8,John Watt had a 5lb 5ozs among his 7 fish,Graham Murray 9,David Morrison had a 4lb 9oz,Willie Petrie a 4lb 10ozs fish among his 8,Karen Cameron had her best yet at 6lbs 1ozs and was over the moon with that,Harry Hancock a 4lb 5ozs fish,Kev Middlemiss had 12 fish with a cracking fish of 6lb 10ozs his best,Richard Ovington had 10 and Blair McDonald also had 10 fish.
Coarse loch
Red maggot is the bait at the moment which is taking most fish,mainly roach,rudd and bream which at this time of year is what is expected as carp go quiet in the colder weather.
Millbuies Trout fishery
The lochs are now closed untill January giving fish time to over winter and spread out over the lochs with a number of stockings of Brown trout having gone in, which suit this spectacular fishery very well.Its scenic and wild surroundings  of 16 acres of water and only 4 boats enclosed by trees around its banks make it a perfect place for a peacefull days fishing.Alot of work has been done over the recent months and improved the lochs for the benefit of anglers and the fishing over the year has been first class and will continue next year with full finned and tailed quality trout as anglers have already experienced this year.We will be putting in some larger fish for next year just to add to the fishing but typical stocking will be as normal as here it is all about the fishing itself and the experience and surroundings and not the maximum numbers caught in a session.It is not a commercial venture more for anglers to enjoy the art of fishing in wild surroundings and with plenty of Brown trout there now will make it an even better day out.

Pictures from 2 of the stockings of Browns going into Millbuies this week with a couple more still to go in ready for overwintering and the start of the new season in January 2015.Thousands of Browns to a pound and half stocked to add to the natural beauty of Millbuies and its loch.