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Kevin Moss

Bad weather but the fish still keep coming
« on: November 10, 2014, 08:31:58 AM »
The Glen of Rothes Trout fishery
This week was not a week for the faint hearted with gales and rain for most of the week which didnt make fishing attractive.As the weekend came so did the better conditions and it certainly suited fish as catches soared and many good fish were taken,mostly to blobs and budgies along with typically for this time of year the okey dokey.Some good braces of fish were had ,Dave Anderson had a 4lb 1oz anda 6lb 12ozs fish for 10lb 13ozs,Neil Smith had a 5lb 6oz and a 5lb 15ozs fish  for 11lb5ozs,Willie McRobbie had a 6lb 4oz and a 6lb 12ozs fish for 13lbs,George Stewart had a 5lb9ozsDavid Cameron a 4lb 3oz,GordonGrant had a 6lb 6oz and with plenty of fish caught Gordon had 21 fish,Neil 13,Willie 25,George 17,Jim Eddie 14,Tom Anderson 9 making the week productive with the right method and that the best of fishing in the winter months is just starting.Brighter lures are best at the moment.
Coarse loch
Things do slow down here at this time of year with silver fish being the main target as the Carp go quiet.There is still plenty of good sport to be had but patience has to be the key and of course the right method and bait required.
Millbuies trout fishery
Again conditions were the biggest winners this week and with only a couple of weeks to go untill we close for the month of December only,ready to reopen in January 2015.We will operate 2 boats untill March ready for the new season to start when all boats will be running as normal.With Millbuies being sheltered it can offer advantages in certain weather  and  inquiet periods the fishing can really good with not so much angling pressure at this time of year.Larger fish are moving around and Gary Gormley had a beauty at 4lb 10zs this week,Scott Allanhad a good day with some decent


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