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Kevin Moss

Bonanxa of fish this week at the Glen and Millbuies
« on: November 03, 2014, 09:29:12 AM »
Glen of Rothes trout fishery

It was a bumper week in between some bad weather which certainly showed in catch returns as fish were feeding hard in anticipation of winter.There was many good fish taken over the week by anglers as okey dokeys,black fritz and cats whiskers accounted for many of them.At times conditions were excellent and enjoyable and ononother days it proved harder but yet still fish were there to be caught.Some examples this week of fish caught were,AndrewMore had fishof 5lb 5oz,6lb 14ozs and 6lb 10ozs,Nicky Bremner had a 6lb fish,David King had fish of 5lb 15oz and 6lbs 4oz,Neil Scowena 4lb14oz,Tom Webster had 15 fish with a fis of 5 and 6lbs,Willie Petrie had fish of 5lb 15oz and 5lbs 10ozs among his 10 fish,George Angus had a 6lb 12ozs fish on a Diawl Bach,John Cooper had 9 fish,Michael Clark had fish of 6lb 9ozs and 5lb 14ozs,MarkBell had a 5lb 6ozs fish,David Cameron and Wife Karen had fish of 6lb 8ozs and 5lbs each,Jimmy Rhind had 11 fish with a 4lb 2ozs hisbest,Andy Coin had a 5lb15ozs fish,Nigel McKenzie a 4lb 1ozs fish and Gary Gormley returned a Blue which was witnessed at around double figures.Now is the time that intermediates start to play a more important role and slower  retrieves will work better than fast as fish begin to slow down conserving energy during the colder months.Race night for club members and invited guests is planned for 27th December  and should be a good night for all.

Coarse Loch

Not alot has been happening here with only a couple of hardy anglers fishing but all caught with roach and pleasing to see a tench also landed.More platforms are ready to go onto the loch to help anglers and spaces are now in at the back of each peg for poles and bivis and also walkways have been made around the loch.There is still some work to do on the loch  which will make it alot better for anglers fishing with room if required for upto 10 anglers with plenty of space between each peg so as there is no interference with other anglers swims.

Millbuies trout fishery

Windy conditions didnt help this week and anglers who did fish all caught.With the season here all nearly at an end as we will close for the month of December only and open again in January 2015, weather dependant,ready for an exciting start to a new season.We are putting in a huge stocking of Brown Trout which will compliment Millbuies with its surroundings and setting,these are all to be returned,normal stocks of rainbows and blues will continue and along with these we will be increasing the stocking with larger fish among them for next year.Examples of fish stocked can be always viewed on our web and facebook pages for their quality and what you can expect to catch.

All pictures of fish mentioned in report are on our facebook and website


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