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Eddie Sinclair

Dorado on the fly
« on: 20/10/2014 at 10:40 »

I know that the troot fishing is over for you people lucky enough to still live where the troot are but down here in the desert we have to find alternative fly fishing adventures. Have a look at a wee video of fly fishing for Dorado from last week. I am taking no responsibility for the editing and production of this it was my mate from St Cyrus who shall remain nameless as he is also on the forum but was in Dubai with his family on holiday staying with us. Hope this cheers you up now that the season is over.

Eddie :z18 :z18

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Mike Barrio

Re: Dorado on the fly
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Great stuff Eddie :z16

Hamish Young

Re: Dorado on the fly
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Nice  :z16

Marc Fauvet

Re: Dorado on the fly
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That is amazing Eddie loving the video editing!!