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Artloch Fishery & NE Challenge Reports
« on: August 20, 2007, 16:05:14 PM »
Apols for missing weekly reports, but I've experienced some sofware problems....still with me, but now circumvented.

Artloch Report

Despite the changeable weather conditions, dries, nymphs, buzzers and lures continue to attract fish at Artloch.   C MacPherson  and L Aitken each released 10, best at 4 1/2 lbs, while J Rennie using dries, lures and nymphs and M Sutherland both released 11, best at 6 lbs.   I Sutherland also tempted 11 using dry flies, including at least 8 fish circa 3 to 5lbs.   S Hadden's basket of 12 was taken on a variety of flies, including a White Blob, was beaten by J McBride with 13, best at 5lbs, all taken on buzzers and nymphs but M MacPherson was top rod with 15 using CDCs. 

NE Challenge 4th Match Report

The 4th round of the North East (NE) Challenge, sponsored by the Elgin Angling Centre,  took place during the evening of Sunday 19 Aug and while the conditions were very favourable at the start of the match, the wind dropped away and the temperatures fell during the course of the evening, making the fishing challenging at the end.   Consequently, most fish were taken in the first half of the match and a number of good sized fish were released or lost on the retrieve.   The individual winner was R Ewen with 13, who collected a set of Lureflash Micro Pliers followed by Brian Carle who, while he match J Rennie with 7, had the heaviest basket and picked up a Lureflash Line Clipper and a 2 fish Artloch ticket for the fish nearest 3lbs 4 ozs.    Match winners were the Bill Bain Fly Fishers with just over 44lbs,   Donside were second with just under 38lbs, followed by Kintore Angling Club and the Gordon Fly Fishers.   With 2 rounds to go Bill Bain Fly Fishers are leading, followed by Gordon Fly Fishers, Kintore Angling Club, Donside Fly Fisher and the Seaforth Angling Club.   The penultimate match is on Sunday 7 Oct 07.

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