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Kevin Moss

Stunning Blues and Glen and Millbuies reports
« on: October 13, 2014, 08:32:55 AM »
Glen of Rothes trout and coarse fishery

Start of the week saw gales and heavy rain raise water levels and colour water making fishing very hard so closing for the 3 days was the only option especially where safety is concerned for anglers.The rest of the week as the water settled fishing was superb for anglers with plenty of fish caught and the quality was stunning with full Tailed Blues taking the stage.The best flies were black fritzs which took many and midge tip lines did well as fish seemed to be just under the surface.The winter league has got off well with most 2 fish bag weights coming in at well over 7lbs plus with Graham Murray setting the pace this month with 2 stunners,one at 6 lbs and another a Blue of 6lb 11 ozs ,Colin Adam had a cracking Blue also of 6lbs 2ozs but failed to keep any more from his 7 fish,Jimmy Rhind had a 5lb 4ozs fish and ended with 8lb 13ozs for 2 fish with only the first month starting it makes it look like it will be an interesting winter league comp.Other fish this week had averages up over 3lbs per fish and even Brown trout made appearence with Dan McGlouglin landing and returning a fish of 2lb 8ozs,Archie Miller had a 4lber,Bob Mann a 4lb 1oz,M Mieczyslow had a fish of 6lbs 3oz,Chris Boyle4lbs,Neil Scowen a 4lb 4ozs fish.Averages despite the shorter week were up around 6 fish per angler depending on having the right fly which predominatly was black.Some did make into double figures of fish caught,Jimmy Rhind 16,Graham Murray 14,Willie Petrie 10,Andrew More 11 and Jim Eddie 12.

Coarse Loch

With temperatures dropping a degree nearly each day fishing has slowed a little but still fish are being caught,mostly Bream,roach and Rudd and Jason Kenny had a Carp among his catch.Best baits have been pellet and sweetcorn.

Millbuies Trout Fishery

Millbuies reopened on saturday and anglers had good sport with fish upto 4lb 8ozs being caught.The lochs will be remaining open through the winter and only weather conditions will close it. 


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