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Eventfull week at the Glen and Millbuies report
« on: October 06, 2014, 08:30:47 AM »
Glen of Rothes trout fishery

Plenty of steady fishing for anglers with good bag averages for anglers despite turning noticably cooler towards the back end of the week didnt seem to make much difference to fishing apart from midge tips and intermediate lines were required rather than floating lines.The consistant colour has been white and lime and also Olive patterns which have taken most fish.Now as we get into the cooler months fish are active chasing fry and this is a time which can be really good for the angler and fish will grab hard at flies so leaders and knots need to be just right to avoid break offs and maybe losing that fish of a lifetime.Examples from this week were,Nigel McKenzie had a 2fishbag of 8lb 9ozs ,his best at 4lb 9oz,Ewan Cameron had a good fish of 6lb 7oz,Shaun Dowling had 2 fish fo 7lb 15oz and his best was a Blue of 4lbs,Duncan Campbell had 5lb fish,Andrew Miller a cracker at 7lbs,Karen Cameron continued her capture s with a 4lb fish,Chris Johnston a 5lb 12oz,Willie Petrie had a 4lb fish and a surprise Common Carp of just under 3lbs,Bob Mann had 2 fish for 8lb 14 oxs,his best at 4lb 7oz,9 yr old Jack McKillop had a lesson and then went fishing and caught his first fish on his own and it was 4lbs 2ozs!The smile on his face as he carried it to weigh in said it all.This is what fly fishing is all about,spending time with Dad in the outdoors and the smiles are worth the memories.Ron Ewen had 11 fish on cormorants with his best at 4lb 5oz,Lenny Davidson had a 4lb2oz and a 3lb8oz Blue.The average size of fish has been around 3lb 8oz over the week with a few blanks the averages caught has been around the 4 fish per angler mark.

Coarse loch

With cooler conditions the fishing has slowed as expected with mainly Bream,Roach and Ide being caught.The carp have been more elusive but good to see a Tench caught by John Langdon and also perch caught.Alot of work has been done and will continue on the coarse loch with a bridge going in over the Burn which will help anglers.

Millbuies trout fishery (Boat Only)

Best flies this week where green bunny leaches , lime green buzzers , wet flies in teams of three (pulled fast) nymphs and D/Bachs did well also drys have their time but hard going we have had 14 anglers out this week with the best going to Nigel for his fish of almost 5lb . John Shearson did well with 10 fish but the week goes to two lads out for 6 hrs and a total of 25 fish to the boat.
 The Richie family did well with 6 fish and Duncan and Andrew had a great day even if Andrews head was a little sore (hic)
 Average size of fish this week was 4. 6 with 62 fish to the boat for 14 anglers alas as one angler did blank in that  never got a fish to the boat . Some takes are very timid with others just savage stripping you to the backing on the first run.
The lochs were closed for some maintainence but by the time of reading this Friday 10th Oct, will be open again and as long as the weather stays the lochs will remain open for fishing.


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