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Kevin Moss

Glen and millbuies with interclub result
« on: 21/09/2014 at 12:09 »
Glen of rothes trout fishery

The return match of the inter club Competition was well contested and a close fought match where the final outcome saw Raemoir club this years winners.Glenbuies had a good margin they needed to catch up after the first match of nearly 50lbs and it got very close with the final weight at 106lbs 5 oz and Raemoirs at 74lbs 8oz on the day.The final weights from bothmatches ended with Raemoir on 163lbs and Glenbuies 154.5lbs.Overall it was 2 great matches fished in very good friendly spirit.BBQ and soup rejuvenated all at half time.Heaviest fish went to John Brown at 5lbs 3ozs and he won a half bottle,Most fish on the day went to Andrew More who won a bottle and the raffle went to Ian Bancroft who had his number picked by Captain Keith Crockett.Plenty of good fish were taken with good averages,Chris Johnston a 4lb 14oz,Charlie Mcphee a 4lb 12oz and a 4lb 4oz fish,Kieth Crockett a 4lb 12oz,Colin Mc Donald a 4lb2oz and a 4lb 4oz fish,John Brown a 5lb 3o and a 4lb 8ozs fish and Craig Mc Clean with 4lb 10 oz fish.Average size caught was well over the 3lb 8ozs overall.Well done to raemoir club and look forward to next year where the shield will be up for grabs again.
Over the rest of the week the fishing has been consistant  with good averages being caught by anglers.Ron Ewan had 12 fish on small kates and nymphs,buzzers have also done well through the week along with cats whisker containing the lime colour which has been predominant.George Stewart snr had a good fish of 4lb 14oz,Peter Scott a 6lber,Cathy Miller a good Blue of 4lb 2ozs along with another at 4lbs,Andrew More had 5lb 10 oz fish,David King a 4lb 14oz and Ian Storey a fish of 4lb 12oz and 4lb 5oz to make up his bag of 9lb 1oz.The winter singles begins on the 1st Of Oct and runs till Mar 2015 where you fish once in the month on any day of your choice and can miss a month and fish twice the following to help with work commitments.Rules are not relying on accumulated weights so it means anyone can win, anytime during the competition,rather than playing catch up.Weights are only important in each month and they only apply to that month fished only.The next month is a new compy all together.It is open to any angler to fish and names can be placed on the list at the fishery if interested.

Coarse loch

Steady fishing,not as prolific as previous weeks,but still plenty being caught,especially Bream to good sizes and roach,rudd and ide.Occasionaly Carp have been brought to the net,but as cooler conditions come they will become less active.Sweetcorn and meat again have been doing the business.Poleshave been the best method.

Millbuies trout fishery

The lochs are enjoying the ongoing decent weather and added to the peacefullness and scenery the fishing has been good and some days slightly harder for anglers.Some have enjoyed plenty of fish others have struggled at times ,which makes it waht the name says ,fishing.The fish being caught have been very good and some well over the 3lbs and along with some even larger specimens which have been stocked of late.Best flies have been damsels,Kates and cats whiskers.Fish are holding well under the tree line of the lochs and should not be ignored and need to be drawn out into the open water.Both lochs have fished well in the clear water which is very good for this time of year with no weed showing.Boats can and still need to be booked at the Glen, anytime now with a full time member of staff on site all the time so keys are collected and returned to staff at Millbuies itself rather than at the Glen of rothes.We are planning,depending on weather conditions to keep the water open as long as possible with a view to close in Dec and Jan only all being well this may change,but depends on conditions.