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some very good fishing this week at the Glen and Millbuies
« on: September 15, 2014, 08:32:14 AM »
Glen of rothes trout fishery

A very good week with good average returns for anglers.Fish were looking at any fly with lime in it and Cats whisker and lime buzzers took most fish throughout.occasionaly fish were on the top and suspender buzzers and cdc,s enjoyed some sport.There were alot of good Blues taken this week and most were on or near the 4lb mark.With the good weather set to continue,fishing should be quite good as they are very active,especially in th emornings and afternoon.Midday is normal when they will always slow down.Gordon Grant had 6 fish with his best at 4lbs returned,Ben Grundy had a good day with 12 fish and his best was around 10lbs which he returned,Archie Miller had 7 fish,George Stewart jnr had 15 fish,Glen Fraser had  a nice blue of 3lb 8ozs,Bob Mann took a better blue at 4lb 3ozs,John Taylor had a4lb 14oz and Andrew More had  2 fish weighed in for 9lb 2oz,best of which was 4lb 13ozs.Most anglers averaged 4 fish for their sessions.

Coarse loch

A very busy week with plenty of fish caught and lost.At this time of year its mainly silver fish being caught with plenty of bream,roach and ide making up bags.Carp still make the appearance depending on conditions and Jason Kenny lost a very good carp at the net,John Allsop had  over 40 bream and ide,Steve Morgan had bream and ide,Christoper Mackojc had 2 good outings with plenty of roach and a whole load of bream and carp.Best methods have been the pole with sweetcorn and luncheon meat.

Millbuies trout fishery

A very busy week saw 32 anglers on the lochs and good returns were had by most.!34 fish were caught which averaged out at around 4 per person.Although some did better than others,it is always a pleasure to fish in the lochs which are in pristine condition and alot of work has gone on over the past few weeks which has improved the lochs no end.Well done to Tom for his efforts which anglers have certainly commented  fishing in the week went to Paul Keir with 16 fish,John Shearson had 6,Jim Stewart had a good  fish of 4 lb 12ozs,Stephen Mc Connachie had 6,and best fish of the week went to Scott williams with a nice 6lb Blue. Bets flies over the week have been Olive damsels,diawl Bachs,olive nymphs and buzzers and fish have been taking deeper down rather than off the top despite plenty of fish showing on the surface,most opted for intermediate lines to try and tempt fish to the fly.Again with weather conditions being forecast good,the lochs are a fine place to spend a few hours in peace and tranquility for some fine fishing

Some views of the bottom loch and the peace to be enjoyed on the water.


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