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Haddo Trout Fishery ( to August 13th )
« on: August 14, 2007, 01:49:58 AM »
Hi folks  :cool:

Emergers, hoppers, spiders, F-fly, Bibio, Wingless Wickhams, Diawl Bach, white Fritz and the Daddy have produced good sport at Haddo this week, a week that got off to a slow start due to coloured water.

Scott Brebber enjoyed a good session with 10 fish up to approx 3 lb, Colin Shand tempted 15 up to 4 lb, Alex Burnett 10 up to 7 lb, Andrew Mott 13 up to 12 lb and junior angler Lewis Calderbank caught 12 fish up to 9 lb, well done Lewis!

Max Grant released a nice fish of approx 12 lb, Colin Baile one of 11 lb, Graham Ferries one of 10 lb and Benny Smart netted an 11 lb rainbow.

The Haddo August Float Tube Gathering will be held on Sunday the 19th and anglers will have the opportunity to see and try a new range of float tubes and pontoon boats demonstrated by Highland Ventures Ltd. Please contact me on the usual 07810 868897 if you would like more information.

Best wishes
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