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Glen and Millbuies trout fisheries reports.
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Glen of rothes trout fishery

A good week of fishing despite a drop in temperature and some heavy rain it didnt put fish off taking well.Fish seem to be active now chasing fry and zonkers and other fry patterns pulled fast are encouraging some ferocious takes.Both intermediate and floating lines have been in use and required when fish quickly switch to feeding off the surface,tactics need to change to suit.Ian Munro had 12 fish in his session,Andrew More had 16 on cats whisker with his best at 4lb 12ozs,Steve Wiltshire had 9 on a klinkhammer with browns and blues among them,Eddie Anderson had a nice 4lb rainbow,Andy McIlroy had a 5lb fidh,Ken Jones had 10,Andy McIlroy 10 fish,Gary Scott had anice 3lb 14oz Blue,Bob Mann a 4lb 2oz,George Angus had a 4lb 3oz Blue and a 5lb1oz rainbow,Chris Johnston a 4lb 6oz fish,Tom Anderson a 6lb 6oz Blue and Barry ward had a surprise of a nice Char in his session.

Coarse loch

With colder weather and heavy rain it did slow things on the loch,more silver fish were the main species caught and carp were hiding away.This seems to be the way at this time of year.Best baits continued to be luncheon meat and pellet on the pole.

Millbuies Trout fishery.

A total of 52 fish where caught over the the 7 boats out with some finding it hard to locate the target fish .
best fish of the wek fell to J Shearson on a red blood worm and came in at 3.8 lb (BLUE),D Miller had a good Blue of 3lb 5oz and D McCallum had a blue of 2lb 11oz.
There has been a mixed response to flys over the week with good sport on the top for small buzzers and drys most fish where caught on lures best colour being Olive
Boats are available 7 days a week at any time between opening times
 It is best to book your boat to ensure you dont get disappointed. As long as a boat is free you can have it at any time REMEMBER nights are drawing in boats need to be of the water by 20.30 hrs.
 As from next week tea and coffee will be available at the boat house at 30p per cup and all money raised will go towards  the supply and replacing the teas and coffees for anglers.Keys are now collected and returned at Millbuies with bookings still taken at the Glen.

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Some views from millbuies.