Kevin Moss

Glen of Rothes trout and coarse fishery

as the water cleared during the week the fishing got much better with plenty of fish being caught,some days deeper than others dependant on weather conditions.Black was a popular colour and small wet flies did well,taking some good fish.Corners of the lochs were productive and there is now plenty of daddy longlegs about and they would be worth a try.same as fry patterns as fish now look to feed up for the winter months.Some examples of fish this week were,Rob Harding with a 5lb 4ozs,Eddie Anderson with a rainbow at 4lb 3oz and a Blue of 4lb 4oz,Charlie Hart a 4lb 7oz Blue,Ian Munro with fish of 4lb 12oz and 4lb 4oz,Jim Eddie with a 5lb 1oz,Graeme Gibson a 4lb 2oz,Bob Mann a 4lb 10oz,Chris Johnston a 5lb 6ozs,Ryan Cruicshank a 5lb fish,and David Cameron with a 5lb 11ozs fish.Fish sizes are averageing around the 3lb mark at present and really putting up a good fight and nylon needs to be suited to this to avoid break offs.
Names are being taken now for the Winter Singles at the fishery and it is not a doubles as the singles offers more flexability for anglers than a pairs.This will start in Oct through to a March 2015 finish.This week we also welcomed Tom Carrol to the team at the fishery and he will be looking after Millbuies and is a great addition with his knowledge and experience to the Glen and Millbuies.

Coarse Loch

The lochs are producing fine healthy fish and this has taken many years to get the loch to where it is now.It was always going to be a long process but its great to see it finally there and giving anglers great fishing and good returns.Some examples of catches were Dan Harrison had a good bag of Roachin his session,Will Thomas with Carp,Craig Donaldsonwith Bream,Roach, and carp,Bob Jackson with Roach,Gary Gormley with Ide and Carp,Steven Garbutt with Orfe,Carp, and Bream,Scott Arthuralso had Carp targetted on his overnight Baits being Luncheon meat,sweetcorn and soft pellet and most on method feeders this week with occasionally the pole working.

Millbuies trout fishery

Withthe fishery in full swing again the fishing certainly hasnt disappointed anglers and it has been great fishing reported from anglers on the loch.The fish are in superb condition and fighting hard as they do here.The Blues especially have fought well and just dont give up.David Templeton had what he decribed his most memorable fishing experience with 5 fish and one of 5lbs,Craig Murdoch had 6 best at 3lb 8oz,Reece Morris had 2 and 3 fish on 2 sessions and Gary Wilson had  2 and 3 on his sessions,Kev Dawson had a 6lb Blue,Scott Allan had 10 fish best at 4lbs,Brian NcKay had 13 fish and Alistair Pinkerton had a 3lb 8oz Blue among his 9 fish.The lochs will remain open and keep an eye on website and facebook for changes in the next two weeks which we will be making and will be good for the anglers. 


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