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Kevin Moss

After the floods Glen and millbuies
« on: August 18, 2014, 09:31:08 AM »
Glen of rothes trout fishery

Heavy rain early part of the week was a drop too much as water levels came up and coloured the water so it was better to close to allow it to settle along with the safety considerations and opening on the thursday for fishing.As expected after such a deluge of water fishing began slowly and it was certainly no good for floating lines and intermediates took over with black flies working best such as christmas tree,vivas and red tags,zulus anyhing with a drop of lime or red in it seemed to pull fish.Fish were caught,not in the usual numbers which can only be expected after so much rain,but the fish caught were good fish.Ian Munro hada fish of 4lb 11ozs,youngster Cameron Bancroft had a 4lb 1ozs,Ben Furtado had a 4lb 1oz,George Stewart had a 4lb 8oz,Rob Harding a 4lb 11ozs and Nicky Bremner had a cracker at 9lbs.There was some blanks for some but most averaged between 2 and 3 fish in a session which considering conditions is not too bad.Given some settled weather fishing should improve back to what it was.Names are being taken for the winter pairs at the fishery which starts in Oct and finishes in Mar.It has a new way and is not dependant on accumulated weights.League table will be visible at the fishery all the time and you can fish anytime in each month as a pair.Contact the fishery if interested.

Coarse loch

The water is alot clearer here and the fishing has been good those who have fished have had very good bags of Roach,ide,bream and occasional Carp.The best of the baits has been meat on running line set ups.The pole has not been too good due to conditions this week.

Millbuies trout fishery

The only good news this week is that the lochs are now back up to capacity and are now open for fishing again.
Plenty of fish have been rising so fishing should be good after being so low but the water should be just right for angling again. 

Pictures on facebook of fish mentioned in report.

Kevin Moss

Re: After the floods Glen and millbuies
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2014, 19:07:14 PM »
With Millbuies now open the first anglers who were out had a superb days fishing with plenty of fish caught including a fighting fit Blue of flies were dawsons olive and Diawl Bachs.The water is gin clear and fish can be seen chasing the fly.Millbuies is now back to its best as it was before.Enjoy.


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