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Glen and Millbuies updates 12th August 14
« on: August 12, 2014, 13:21:26 PM »
Well after hurricane Bertha we had some damage to a part of the road and with the help of some of the community anglers from the fishery,Im happy to report that the road is now back to normal and all sorted.The fly lochs have a slight colour in them so we will not be open for fishing until Thursday to give them time to settle and its not worth taking anyones money if the lochs are not right,we don't work like that.The coarse loch is fine and the colour is normal there and the bait loch is the same so fishing is fine there from Thursday onwards.
Luckily no fish were lost as all the grids held very well.Its a shame as fishing was really good and with this fresh water it should help once it settles.

Millbuies trout fishery.

We will reopen the lochs on Monday 18th Aug as the rain certainly filled them up and the levels are way up now and the delay to open should give them time to settle again and the lochs get back to the good fishing that they are known for.

So Millbuies opens 18th Aug and The Glen Thursday 14th and back to normal once again.These things are sent to try us.



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