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Better week at the glen and latest on Millbuies
« on: August 04, 2014, 08:09:31 AM »
Glen of Rothes trout and coarse fishery

Losing some of the heat and getting some welcome rain to freshen up the water certainly improved fishing this week.Its not been easy and its important if you want to catch fish using the right line and getting to the depth where the fish are is the key.No good fishing a sinking line if fish are just under the surface as you will miss them.It was good to see some returns getting back to some sort of normality especially with the amount of fish which have continued to be put into the lochs.Some examples were,Gordon Grant 20,Jim Eddie 11,Andrew More 20 with a nice 4lb 2oz Blue among them,Mark Bell had a nice 4lb 13ozs fish,Cameron Dixon a first timer did well with a nice 4lb 2oz fish and Chris Johnston had 22 with his best at 4lbs and was a beauty of a blue.Quite alot of Blues are now being caught by anglers with a very good head of them in the water now its unusual if you you dont hit into one.Best flies have been buzzers,suspender buzzers,kate mclarens,bunny leechs and cats whisker would be the pick.Orange,lime and white the best colours.Daddy longlegs are about now so I would never discount using them on a cast.

Coarse loch

On the coarse loch it has been fishing really well for anglers.Good bags of roach,bream,ide and Carp have filled most bags,with Orfe also being caught along with perch and gudgeon occasionaly.We have new nets now for the coarse loch which will help anglers.There are now 8 pegs on the loch for booking due to demand with plenty of space between each for a relaxing day.Craig Donaldson enjoyed his day with plenty of good fish including Carp,bream orfe and roach.Best baits have been the usual soft pellet,sweetcorn and maggot and method feeder and the pole have been best.Please note we do not allow tiger nuts or any nut baits,bread or dog food on the lochs and groundbaiting is not required apart from very small amounts.Fish are in great condition and fighting well which is great to see.

Millbuies trout fishery

Not much to update here as the lochs remain closed.The water levels have lifted  slightly but alot more rain is required to get back to some sort of normal levels to allow boats out.Once they are we will open up and fishing should be very good and they are rising well at present which is frustrating missing out on some good fishing.But its important that thefish are protected from any more stress of angling while temperatures are high and water levels are low which would only lose fish.It will be like a new season start when we reopen and the fishing should match this.The lochs will be staying open through winter where possible this year due to the closure. 


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