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Glen and millbuies report.
« on: July 28, 2014, 09:11:20 AM »
Glen of rothes trout and coarse fishery

This weeks wall to wall sunshine is great for bbq,s but not for fishing.Fish have been holding deep down to escape the heat and not interested in feeding.The best times were early morning and late evenings when they took their opportunity to grab a snack on the hatches of flies to top up for the following days temperatures.The showers at the weekend were welcome,not only to cool things down a little but to help with a top up of some fresher water and it did make fishing better.Fish became that little bit more active and anglers had fish,not in any great numbers but more than through the week which has been hard.Best of the week was David King with a 6lb 4ozs fish,George Flett had a 4lb 1ozs,Brian McCrae a 5lb 1ozs fish.With more fish stocked than ever, only the weather can make any difference on catches and when the conditions become better there will certainly be some good fish to come out when they come back on to feed.

Coarse Loch

A different story here with excellent fishing and very good bags of fish being caught by anglers.We have now increased the number of pegs to 8 as it is very busy and new nets ordered for the loch to help anglers.Bream,roach,ide,carp,golden orfe,rudd all showing in catches and meat,pellet and sweetcorn and maggot doing best.Both pole and method feeders are working well.Bags of over 25lbs are now becoming common practice on the loch and its taken a long time to get it to the stage its now at ,but we knew that when it started and its good to see it finally giving anglers alot of sport.Good healthy fish are important as they fight much harder and with plenty of feeding in the water can only get bigger and stronger.many have been reporting broken on larger fish and the carp are now cruising in the midday sun.

Millbuies trout fishery.

The fishery remains closed for the present due to low water.Fish are fine and safe and keeping it closed is essential with levels being the way they are and not to put any further stress on them.We will attempt to remain open longer this year where possible and once levels are back up and a few changes to come,all good for the angler, which we will publish later. Keep upto date on facebook and our webpages.


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