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Kevin Moss

Millbuies is still closed for the timebeing as with the water low and fish huddled in the deeps,weather hot as hell the added stress of angling on the fish would be unfair and so it will remain closed.The good news is that the leak is plugged and a good drop of rain will bring it back to its best.Fish are all fine and still feeding which is good and the shelter of the surrounding trees will help a great deal.
We will keep you posted.

The Glen has been fishing steady ,no big numbers of fish but that's only to be expected in this heat.Early morning and evenings when its cooler is the best times and fish are feeding well on hatches.The fish being taken are good sized fish and most Blues are over 4lbs and with stockings of them every week there is plenty blues in the water now.Carefull catch and release in these temperatures is important.We are open from 8am till 10pm each day(not 8pm) so as anglers can have the benefit of the evenings when its cooler.

The coarse loch is fishing superb and very busy now with most pegs booked daily so booking is essential.Good bags of fish are being taken with plenty of good carp,bream,ide,rudd and roach and Ian Mair was lucky with 2 perch to 1lb which is good to see how they are growing.30lb s in weight are becoming very common for anglers in their sessions which is a good days fishing.Best baits are sweetcorn,pellet and meat.Please note there is no groundbaiting,bread or any type of nut to be used.

As always pictures and regular daily updates can be found on our facebook pages and website .

Hope everyone is enjoying the heat(yuk lol)

Rob Brownfield

Re: Late report from the Glen and update on Millbuies trout fishery.
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2014, 07:58:20 AM »
No nuts to be used....but can nuts fish? ;)

Have to say Kev, the fish are switched on to pellets big time! I use about a teacups worth of expanda pellets between the two of us for the day, just flicking in 6-8 pellets per cast. Worked a treat. Like you say, no need to bait heavily at all.
Ok, I admit it, I quite like this salmon fishing lark....

Kevin Moss

Re: Late report from the Glen and update on Millbuies trout fishery.
« Reply #2 on: July 25, 2014, 11:55:23 AM »
Nets are now ordered for the coarse loch so that should make you happy Rob.See we do listen and if its practical and in the interest of fish and anglers its done.

Our pumps are going daily now to help fish and apart from the occasional dead troot which in this temperatures is really good, they are all fine.Lets hope for a bit of cooler weather and rain to help the fishing.

93 degrees yesterday wasn't good and to get any chance of a fish in these temps you will need to be scraping the bottom or arrive early morning or late evenings(we close at 10pm) when the fish are hard feeding then.

as they say"thats fishing"


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