Kevin Moss

Glen of Rothes trout and coarse fishery

A steady week of fishing continued to produce for anglers although not in great numbers per angler but the ones which were caught were all good quality and many of them Blues over 4lbs on average showing that there is now a well established stock of Blues in the water now which has been the main stockings this year.Towards the weekend fish started to take off the surface, especially Sunday as conditions were perfect and we had shaken off the showers which had been a main feature  throughout the week.Always good for fresh water to help fish  but not the best to fish in.Daddy long legs and yellow owl cdc,s have worked well,damsels,wsw,yellow dancers all taking their share of fish.Most have averaged 2 to 6 fish over sessions with some above this.Here is some of the returns from this week.
Jim Sutherland a 4lb 10oz fish,Willie Petrie a 4lb 11ozs fish best of his 10 fish,George Angus a 4lb 1oz Blue,Bill Wardrop a 3lb 11oz Blue,Tom Webster a 5lb Blue,Colin McPhee a 4lb 7oz Blue,Neil Smith a 5lb 5oz fish from his 6,Willie McRobbie a 4lb 8oz Blue,Chris Johnston a 7lb fish best of his 13 caught,Jimmy Rhind had 9 fish,Gary Gormley 9 fish,Eddie Dryden had 6 fish witha 3lb 1oz Blue,Ian Bancroft had 7 fish his best a 3lb 12ozs Blue,Andrew More had a nice 5lb 5oz Blue,new angler,Jacek Szczypior after his first lesson had a fish of  4lb 3ozs getting his fly fishing off to a fine start and Scott Taylor had a 4lb 14ozs fish.
The Club competition was won by Willie McRobbie and with the points system makes it anyones for the overall champion at the end of the year.The next one that the members have chosen will be no lures which will make it interesting and is on the 27th July.Full list of results and league table are on the club board at the fishery.

Coarse Loch.

A busy week with alot of fish being caught by anglers.Bream,roach,ide,rudd and Carp have made up most of the returns but Golden Orfe have made appearances for a couple of anglers along with perch and finally a tench for Ian Mair.Tench have been elusive and it was great to see one at last caught.Much of the Carp have been upto 4lbs with some reporting being smashed by larger fish when using the pole.Soft pellet,sweetcorn,maggot have been the best this week and method feeder working well.With the water warming activity has improved and fish are moving about well.Booking essential here with only 6 pegs which do fill up especially weekends and avoids overcrowding on the loch and an enjoyable day in comfort.

Millbuies trout fishery

A good week of fishing producing steady angling especially for those fishing around margins and islands on the lochs.Surface sport is starting to come together but intermediate and sink tips still need to be used at times.The water is crystal clear and fish can be seen following flies from under the trees and a good shower will certainly help the water improve more.Overall some decent returns from 16 acres of water and best flies have been damsels,kate Mclarens ,cats whiskers.Andy Lambie had 4,Wayne Ketchell 7,Lee Brackenbury 3,Leighton Davies 5,Danny McMullen 4,Marc Ure 1,Paul Keir 27,Kevin McConnachie 2,Chris Britton 2,JohnMilne 2,Gary Wilson 1 and Reece Morris 1.

On the downside,we are considering taking a non refundable deposit when bookings are made.This is being forced upon us due to some anglers not turning up having booked boats and not informing the fishery of cancellations and other anglers who could have had the boats, have had to be told the boats are all booked and they could have been out fishing.This not only inconveniences anglers who wanted to fish but also staff who are there to collect keys from anglers and are waiting for them to turn up.Boats need to be booked  and once a name is on that boat that session is booked and if an angler does not turn up and doesnt let us know, we cant issue it to another  which means that session is lost and anglers who wanted to go out could have gone all for  the sake of a phone call.


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