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Kevin Moss

Glen of Rothes trout and coarse fishery

Unsettled conditions for most of the week favoured anglers and light winds drew fish to the surface and the daddies became more of a dominant fish taker.Cats whisker and other lime and white patterns worked well alongwith buzzers.Towards the end of the week the Kate McLaren began to work its magic and is always a consistant fly at the fishery.Again the main feature throughout the week with good stocks now in the water ,was the Blues.Most were over the 4lbs mark and plenty of them and loads more still to go in.These fish are just bars of silver and match their beauty with their hard fighting qualities that these fish are renowned for.Some examples from this week were,Jim Eddie with a 6lb Blue,Andrew More a 4lb 11ozs Blue and a 4lb 5ozs ,Graham Mian 9 fish on cdc and damsel,Kev Middlemiss a 5lb2oz fish,Hamish Anderson a 5lb 10oz fish,Grant Kerr a 5lb fish,Willie Petrie had 10 fish,Owen Fraser had a 7lb 8ozs Blue,David Alexis had a 4lb 8ozs blue,Archie Miller a 3lb 7ozs blue,Eddie Dryden a nice 4lb Blue,Mike Greeb a 4lb 3ozs blue,Hugh McKay a 3lb 2oz Blue,Barry Ward a 7lb 8ozs Blue,Tom Anderson had 9 fish,John Main had a 5lb 7oz fish,Doug Main a 4lb 1oz,Paul Sharp had 12 fish on buzzers  and Hugh Henny had a 5lb Blue.
The All Night competition was won By Willie McRobbie,2nd was Jimmy Rhind and in 3rd Chris Boyle.Everyone had a great night ,the only exception was the dreaded midge which came out in their droves.Again Blues featured for most and fishing at night for rainbows is a new concept and when the dawn came the fish began to feed and here is where many of the fish were caught.Small flies in black for example Kate Mclarens worked best and some recorded catching on dries during the lighter hours.All in all a great evening was had by everyone and the heaviest fish was 4lbs 5 ozs.

Coarse Loch

The loch is fishing consistantly well and anglers are enjoying good returns here with Bream,Roach,Ide and carp a main feature.meat,soft pellet on th eple is proving the best method to use and some are recording a fish a cast on it.Bob Jackson was smashed for the 2nd time on a large specimen and with this loch very busy now booking a peg is advised.

Millbuies trout fishery

Slightly harder conditions slowed fishing this week on the loch but with still anglers catching but not in great numbers.Smaller flies is the key here and the margin areas are where fish are holding.Evening boats have had some good fishing with some examples of catches Steve McConnachie 8,Gary Wilson 2,Kyle Kinsella 1,David Reid 7,Bonnie Dunbar 2,Gary Hynd 5,Ian Jaffery 1,Michael McCallum 2.


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