Kevin Moss

Glen of Rothes trout and Coarse fishery

Surface activity increased this week was great for the dry fly anglers.Fish were feeding off the top and just below the surface and Daddy long legs did well along with cdc,s and hopper patterns.Kate Mclarens, an old favourite took its fair share of fish during the week with quality Blues over 4lbs have been taken by quite a few anglers with a good stock now in the water and plenty still to go in the sport should be really good in the coming months.Some examples of catches this week in no particular order were,Peter Wright with a 4lb Blue and on his second visit had a 4lb 12ozs Blue,Graham Gibson with an excellent few hours had a good bag of fish of 5lbs,4lb 5ozs and 4lbs with the blue at 4lb 5ozs among his 15 fish in 3 hours,Willie Petrie landed a fish of 5lb 2ozs for a bag of 11lbs 1oz for 2 fish,Ian Munro had 12,Simon Bliault had 10,David Reid had 10,Peter Collins had 10 fish with a blue of 3lb 10 ozs,David Morrison had a fish of 4lb 4ozs,Richard Krawcyk had 11 fish,Bob Mann also 11 fish,Paul Keir had14,Ian Patterson had a 3lb 13 oz Blue,Nigel McKenzie had a 3lb 11ozs Blue,Shaun Dowling had 2 fish for 8lbs 5ozs with his best at 4lb 2ozs which was a blue,Jim Eddie had 13 with his best around 6lbs,a Blue returned and Andrew More had a 4lb 11ozs rainbow.

Coarse Loch.

Good bags for anglers continued with John Allsop taking over 40 plus Bream,and also Ide,Carp and Gudgeon,Peter Fyffe,Steve Marchand,Ross penny,Oliver Ward and Andy Condie all taking bream and ide in their catch,Bob Jackson had skimmers,and Roach,with the Scott,Valerie and Sarah Arthur taking Ide,Roach and carp on their day.Soft pellet,maggot and meat worked well on the pole with occasionaly sweetcorn taking plenty .Carp are now becoming very active splashing about, especially evenings and some big specimens among them.

Millbuies trout fishery

Fishing has been steady on the lochs and evening boats have done well overall.Fish are quite active near the surface with kates doing well and smaller nymph patterns.Alex Stronach had 6,Derek Reid 2,Sandy Robertson 4,Bob Bolton 4,Dave Doig 3,Pete Cowie 3,Dan McGlauglin had 2.David Reid had 7 fish and the water being clear its interesting to watch fish come to the fly.Bookings for the loch are a must as it is unlike a commercial water where you can just turn up and fish and all bookings  by ringing the Glen only. 


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