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What a difference freshwater makes to fishing.
« on: June 09, 2014, 08:44:33 AM »
Glen of Rothes trout and coarse fishery

Happily for the fishery,not so much anglers we got the rain we needed to rejuvenate the water and freshen it up with all colour gone and things back to how they should be.That certainly helped fishing afterwards with excellent returns and fishing for all anglers.Good returns were recorded and with cloud cover we had perfect fishing conditions and even daddies took fish off the top.Lime and white buzzers,black bunny leeches,nymphs,Dawsons olives all worked,in fact it was a big mix which worked.Floating lines were best and only occasional intermediate lines early part of the week were required.Anglers are certainly enjoying the Blues when hooked which are pristine and bars of silver and most have been over 4lbs caught with the lochs holding many blues now.Some examples of catches this week were in no particular order,Ian Hutton 8 with a Blue of 4lb 4oz,John Watt a blue of 3lb 13oz,Gordon Grant 10 fish,John McKenzie 9 fish best at 6lbs,Rob Harding a 4lb 7ozs fish,Tom Anderson 8,Barry Ward had 9 with a 6lb 8ozs Blue and a 4lb Blue,Chris Johnston had 17 fish with a Tiger,char and Blues among those,Peter Collins had a fine few hours with 12 fish and a Blue of 4lbs,Sean Henny had 9 fish,Hugh Henny had a 5lber,Jim Eddie had 12 fish and a Blue of 3lb 6oz,Andrew More had 11,Paul Keir had a great day with 30 fish on nymphs,Gary Gormley had 10 including a niceBrown of 1lb 8ozs returned,George Stewart had 7 with a bLue of 3lb 9oz,Gordon Hadden had 10,Liam Young had 11 and James Moreland had 7 fish.Weather this week looks good and looking as it should with dries starting to take fish and sinking lines taking second best.The bigger fish though will always be down deeper but do still come up to take off the top so you just never know.

Coarse Loch

Good catches continue on the Loch with more and more Carp now being caught.Roach,Bream,and rudd making up most of the bags with some good weights being caught in a session.The best baits have been meat,soft pellet and maggot with method feeder and Poles doing the best for anglers.Bob Jackson got a surprise when he hooked into one of the larger Carp using his pole and it pulled that strong popped the hook and fired the float back and smashed his top section of pole.The loch is certainly lively in the evening with fish everywhere feeding.

Millbuies trout fishery(Boat only)

Steady fishing on the lochs again this week with most of the fish feeding around the margin.The water levels came up which helped fishing and it was again all smaller flies that took well.Black is always a good fish catcher here and spiders and greenwells do well.Some examples were,Willie West with 7,Graham Carrie 2,Greg Carrie 2,Alistair McNair 2,John Anderson 1,James Hollywood 4,James Patterson 7,Edward Byram-cook 2,Ben Grundie 11,David Fordyce 5,Tom Wallis 6,Les Wood 2 and George Cowie 3.The lochs are by boat only fly fishing and by permits  Payable at the Glen of Rothes trout fishery.No Bank ,bait or spinning is allowed on the lochs in any circumstances.


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