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Kevin Moss

Its all Blue at the Glen and Millbuies
« on: 03/06/2014 at 16:53 »
Seems my report went away yesterday so here it is again.

Glen of Rothes trout and coarse fishery

 A stunning weeks weather saw plenty of good fishing for anglers with Blues being a main feature and what a scrap off them.Many over 4lbs and bars of silver flashed into returns for most and the average size of fish was well over the 3lbs.The big Browns are still keeping their heads down but the rainbows are still taking well,even in the hotter weather ,unusually fishing was still very good.In these conditions it was orange and also white which took the bulk of fish and with cloud cover small and black was required.Some examples of returns this week were,TomAnderson with a 6lb fish in his 8 fish bag,Barry Ward had 10,Ian Hutton had 12 with his best at 5lb 11ozs,Geoff Hakin had 8,Colin Wilson had a4lb 5ozs blue,Ian Munro had a good bag of 2 fish from 12 caught at 7lb 10 ozs with his best a 4lb 1oz Blue.Dave Lietch had bag of 8lb 6oz for 2 fish in a 8 fish haul and a 4lb 10 oz Blue,Ben Grundie had 11 fish suspender buzzers,Stu McGhie had a 4lb 2oz Blue with another at 4lb 1oz,Kevin Buchanan had a 4lb 4oz Blue,Willie West had 8 fish,KevinMcCrae had a 5lb fish,Jock Reid had 10 fish with his best at 5lbs 10ozs,Andrew More had a 4lb 13ozs Blue,David King a 4lb 2oz fish,Neil Smith had 11,Bill Thompson had a nice 5lb fish returned,Kev McKenzie had a 6lb fish,Ian Bancroft had a 4lb 5oz Blue,Alec Keith a 4lb 3oz Blue,Jim Eddie a 4lb 7oz Blue and Gary Gormley had 10 fish for his day.The Club Competition was won by Jim Eddie with a bag of 2 fish at 8lbs 3oz,2nd was Andrew Morewith 7lb 12ozs,3rdWillie McRobbie with 7lb 4ozs.Next up for the club is the all nighter on 21st/22nd june starting at 10pm and finishing at 6am for members and their Guests only,followed by normal club comp on June 29th for members.In all club comps the lochs are still open to normal angling as it is not pegged off for club competitions .

 Coarse Loch

 Good returns from the coarse loch continued this week with plenty of Roach which are now a good size,Bream,skimmers,Carp and Ide.Average bags are around and over the 15lbs in weight per session and Scott Arthur had a nice Common at 6lbs 2ozs.Poles are doing best and soft pellet and meat with occasionally sweetcorn working aswell.With the loch busy now it is important that pegs are prebooked to avoid disappointment

Millbuies trout fishery.

Fishing has been good for some and slow for others.Main difference is what fly is on the end of the line and rather than fish the open water its around the margins where fish will be caught as fish wait for falling insects from the tree lined banks.Red and black and lime and white have done well over the week and everyone has caught with both lochs fishing now there is no weed and fish are rising very well. important that boats are prebooked as the lochs are very busy especially in good weather.Fish are now in peak condition and fighting hard.

Mike Barrio

Re: Its all Blue at the Glen and Millbuies
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Sorry about that Kevin, I did lose a couple of the latest posts when I did the forum update :oops


Kevin Moss

Re: Its all Blue at the Glen and Millbuies
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No worries Mike,I knew I d put it up somewhere.