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Lochter Report - Evening Anglers Score
« on: 22/05/2014 at 10:47 »
As the days stretch, the evenings have provided opportunities for anglers to enjoy some  fine relaxing fishing  and unwinding after a hard day at the office. At Lochter Fishery Oldmeldrum there have been some exceptional evening rises in the past week. With clouds of hatching flies coming off the water the trout have been able to enjoy a very tasty evening meal and anglers who have twigged what has been happening have been able to join in the fun.
Alec  Gray from Monymusk and Harry Hughes from Kemnay had great sport mainly on dries netting ten and twelve respectively and missing just as many as the trout came a bit short on occasion. Tom Reid also had a good night with nine on klinkhammers.
Dries have also been working well during the day as Dave Murray found when on his first cast a trout rose to his sight indicator. He immediately took off his buzzers and put on a couple of shipmans dries and was rewarded with eleven nice fish.B Whyte from Mintlaw also had a very fine session with fifteen fish to his name all on dries.
Other flies did have success as well, Bob Sim had a great day with nine on nymphs and buzzers, D Hardie eleven of which he kept two ,on bloodworms. R Clark varied his tactics as the weather altered and caught and released twelve on dries and cats while okey dokey`s and wsw`s worked for Peter Young who grassed nine. There were plenty of bags of five and six with successful anglers including Frank Smith, Paul Reynolds, Albert Trail, and Tom Wilson and prospects are excellent with weather warming and evening sport really coming on anglers should be well set for action.