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Lochter Report - Buzzers and Blobs Best at Lochter
« on: May 05, 2014, 13:45:20 PM »
There could not be two flies more different than the two which have been the most successful at Lochter Fishery during the past week. The buzzer closely replicates the small pre-hatch flies which form the main food source of trout while the blob looks as the name as the name suggests and is like nothing that has ever swum in any loch or river. It is easy to see why fish take buzzers but what attracts them to blobs has long remained a piscatorial mystery.

During the past week the blobby boys Doug Mair and Bob Ferries set the trend at the start of the week with twenty eight between them on a mix of blobs and buzzers. Richard Ovington kept buzzers to the fore with eight as did Peter Young who tempted eleven on black buzzers. The “ blobbies” returned mid week and had a “could not do anything wrong day” catching and releasing no fewer than thirty two using the same deadly duo of flies.

Wayne Frost kept two  and returned fourteen using buzzers and Chris Fraser returned ten using the same fly and the only other fly to get a serious look in was the damsel nymph. John Graham from Elgin used it to successfully attract eleven to his net and Bill Taylor had eight to his name on damsels.

Dries have not really come into their own yet but Phil Stewart hit a four hour slot when the trout were taking off the surface and tempted ten to take his klinkhammer floaters.

The weather is slowly warming up and the water is coming to life with more and more fly life in evidence. This will provide more scope for anglers to try different methods and flies during the coming weeks.


Re: Re: Lochter Report - Buzzers and Blobs Best at Lochter
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2014, 08:51:55 AM »
Cannae beat a hatch of blobs lol :D


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