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Kevin Moss

Glen of Rothes Trout and coarse fishery

Water coloured some this week with the change in temperature but it didnt stop the fishing being very good.Some good returns were recorded over the week as fish stayed high in the water and washing line methods worked well with buzzers and nymphs and lures in yellow and white did catch when conditions required through the change in the middle of the week.Blues upto 4lbs were caught and they fought well above their weight and gave anglers really good sport.Some examples of returns were,Ian Munro with a 4lb 6ozs fish on kate maclaren,Bill Hives had 7 with a 3lb 9oz,brother Phil had one of 3lb 15ozs,Ian Hutton had 15 on buzzers,Neil Smith had a great day on 37 fish his best at 4lb 4ozs,Kev Middlemiss had a 6lber returned and weighed in a 3lb 13ozs fish,Peter Collins had a nice Blue and a fish of 3lb 8ozs among his 7 fish for a couple of hours,Jamie Sinclair had a 4lb 3ozs on a cruncher and Jim Eddie had 12 on a yellow fritz.

coarse loch

Really good returns have been recorded over the week with some bags of fish near 60lbs in weight.These included,ide,skimmers,bream,roach rudd gudgeon and Common and mirror carp.Scott Arthur landed a beauty of a Golden Orfe at 2lbs 8ozs on meat and pellet and meat were certainly the pick of the bunch.Some of the bigger Carp have been hooked and lost but those landed have been upto 4lbs.The loch is very busy now and its highly recommened that you book before coming.

Millbuies trout fishery(boat Only)

Now that the loch has had all weed removed the loch has continued to fish at top notch and anglers have enjoyed very good  sport.Fish have flew out of the water when hooked and given some great fighting qualities.Steve Boyd had a birthday treat and was rewarded with 20 fish,Boat partner Mark Tait had 15 and they said they lost about the same,Graeme Lyttle had 6,Alex Cormack had 5,Donny McCormack had 3,Willie Salmond had 8,Steven Jack jnr 1and Steven Jack snr 1,Chris Rolsten had 11 Ryan Munro had 1 and Sandy Munro had 3. 

All pictures can be viewed on the website and on our facebook pages for all updates .