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Kevin Moss

Another great week of fishing on lochs.
« on: April 28, 2014, 08:31:19 AM »
Glen of Rothes trout and Coarse fishery

A great week of fishing which saw fish active on top feeding on beetle,gnats and daphnia so it was on with the dry flies and suspender buzzers with buzzers on the dropper and left to hang just below the surface which was the method to use.Overall there was plenty of fish taken and among them some very good full tailed beauties.The large Browns still remained elusive with reports from anglers of hooking something big but not managing to get them to the bank or from the deeps to say if they were into one of them.Lack of winds made it alot more pleasant to fish and this made the fishing alot better.George Flett was 50 richer this week after landing a tagged fish of 4lbs and his other fish weighed in at 5lb 4ozs,Ryan Low had 11 with his best at5lb 6ozs his other 4lb 4ozs made up his bag,Michael McCallum had 15,Kev Middlemiss had a 4lb 2ozs fish,with a 7 and an 8lb fish returned(est)Paul Bridgford had 12 with a 4lb 5ozs fish,Nigel McKenzie had a 4lb 12ozs,Jim McIntosh had a 4lber,as did Kevin Frazer,Davy Fagin had a 5lb 14 ozs fish,Jimmy Rhind had a 7 lb fish returnedamong his 10 fish,Neil Smith 10 best at 4lb 4oz,George Stewart snr had 11,Dave Simpson 13 with his best at 4lb 1oz,Gavin Addison had a 5lb 6ozs fish,dave Anderson a 4lb 7oz fish.The Glenuies Club Competition was a good day rules were floating lines only and points awarded toward the Club champions Trophy for the top 5 on the day.Winner was Gavin Addison,2ndNeil Smith,3rdGary Gormley,4th Kev Middlemiss and 5th Jimmy Rhind.Next Comp for the club is 1st June which is any line and 5 flies only of the members choice.

Coarse Loch
Its been a busy week on the loch with plenty of fish being caught by anglers.Neil Scowen had 9 mirror carp  and plenty of ide and skimmers,John Allsopp had a load of ide bream,gudgeon and carp,Paul Richardson had a big bag of rudd and ide,callum Witkowski and son Paul had good bags of roach and carp,Barry Evans had ide and roach and Kevin McConnel had carp and roach. meat and maggot has been best along with soft pellet and its good to see good bags coming in for anglers who commented that they could have double what they caught having missed bites.

Millbuies Trout fishery(boat only)

Slightly low with the lack of water but it didnt stop the lochs performing well with anglers enjoying really good sport.Any weed has now all gone so with 16 acres water to cover and plenty of fish rising there is plenty of sport to be had.Buzzers have done well,black Pennels and PTN,s all being the best.Fish have been flying out of the water when hooked and taking anglers to the backing before coming to the net.Some returns are,Derek Macdonald 12,Brian McKay 4,Graham Stewart 3,George Prosser 11,George Fairburn 7 ,Ian Bews 8,Steve Pirie 8,Eric Johnson 2,Kenny Patterson 2 and Nige Burgess had 19 for his day. Best fish was around the 4lb s over the week.Please remember that boats have to be booked as its pot luck just turning up and there is only 2 sessions per day8 to 4 and 4 to 10 or dusk whichever comes first.
a view of part of the top loch over 16 acres of prime fishing water.This loch is not a place we commercialised and is for the angler who enjoys the peace and love of fly fishing


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