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Kevin Moss

Sunshine produces the goods.
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Glen of Rothes trout fishery

Good numbers of fish were caught overall this week as conditions became more fishable and it was once again buzzers which did most of the work with yellow dancer and cats whisker doing well.Toward the weekend orange was the colour with the heat bringing out the daphnia and fish began to gorge on them.Beetles were about and fish were taking these readily.With some big double figure Browns just stocked we are allowing these  to be taken, but only one per person and ONLY double figured browns to be taken, all others under 10lbs must be returned as they are wild.If in any doubt return them.The next club competition which is floating line only is on the 27th April for all club members.Some of the returns this week were,Brian Graham had a tiger and a fish of 6lbs,Saphic Ahmed had 10,Steve McKenzie had 9,Gordon Grant 10,Colin Gault 8,Kevin Barron had a 5lb fish,Callum Younie a 4lb 10 oz sfish,Joe Wilson 8,George Stewart jnr 13 with a tiger,George Stewart snr 10,Chris Johnston 10 with a tiger,George Flett 8 also a tiger in among them,Grahme Gibson 9 best at 4lbs,Alistair Duff a 4lb 15ozs fish,Kev Middlemiss 9 and Bertie Warren had a 4lb 4ozs fish among his bag of 7 fish.Good averages all week betwen 2 and 4 fish per angler and many recorded double hook ups which was entertaining.Even in the bright sunshine it was buzzers which worked and good catches recorded which was against the norm of angling and lures did nothing in these conditions.

Coarse loch

The lochs have fished really well as the warm conditions took of the week fell to dave Latty with a Common Carp of 10lbs 2ozs to meat.Really good bags were taken of roach,ide,rudd and gudgeon for John Allsopp who had over 5o ide,as did Paul Richardson,Mirror carp were taken with roach and ide for Gary Gormley,Callum Wikowski and Paul Wikowski and the best baits have been meat and soft pellet.Poles have worked well in the hotter weather.Overall it was good to see plenty of fish feeding and coming to the net and more of the carp now showing.

Millbuies trout fishery

Plenty of good fishing on the wets and buzzers for anglers in the week.Any weed has now been sorted  and fish are fighting well.Fish are now alot closer to the surface and are beginning to be tempted by the dry fly so should only improve the sport on the lochs.Josh and brother Ben Grundie had a good day with 20 and 23 fish respectivly,Mel McDonald had 9,Graeme mcKenzie had 11,James Patterson had 9,Joe Hollywood had 2,Grahme Herd 14,Robert Paxton 12,Steve Turnbull 6,Bill Jaffrey 1,Philip Allison 1,Ali Douglas 2,Alan Baird 14,Jerry Stockwell 3,Bob Clayton 2,Andrew Parnell 1,and Norman Hart had 14 with his best at 3lb 10ozs.