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Sharpe rod needs a whip
« on: 07/04/2014 at 13:06 »
Hi all - I know that this is the right site for this question....

Some of you may know that I collect old tackle from Aberdeen - I try not to collect rods ! However at the weekend I could not resist buying some rare Sharpes rods at Mullocks auctions (good - as in high - prices for Sharpes rods I thought!)

Anyway I blew the budget and bought a pair of 8' spliced featherweights (in as new condition) - and also a 7' 3" Scotia spliced spinning rod. All pretty rare.

The issue is that the bottom ring on the spinning rod is missing it's thread (well I think it is from the description -it actually says tape to lower butt ring)! - I want to keep the rod in as close to original condition as possible - so my question, does anyone have access to or direct me to somewhere I can get the right(burgundy) coloured silk - and also to someone who could do the job?

This is the rod

Yours in hope,


Rob Brownfield

Re: Sharpe rod needs a whip
« Reply #1 on: 07/04/2014 at 15:48 »
I think I have some original Sharpes thread at home from when I used to build for Somers before Jim Somers died. i will have a look this week.

Remember, on all Sharpes rods used with a fixed spool reel, the bottom most whipping was copper thread.

I have a very rare Sharpes "The Carp" at home that you can have a look at if you would like to get the butt 100% correct/genuine.