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Kevin Moss

Superb fishing just gets better.
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Glen of Rothes trout fishery

Superb fishing for anglers this week even though it was cold signs are there that winter has passed and the fishing is getting to what we enjoy as fish now feeding much closer to the surface,not quite yet dry fly time,but not far away from it.Some have tried to tempt but fish are not yet convinced so it has been buzzers and lures which have worked well.Bigger fish were taken again this week and John Watt had a beauty at 12lb 12 ozs on a yellow dancer.This was the pick of the lures closely followed by damsel patterns, which at this time of year work very well.Tom Webster from Glasgow had a great few hours with 25 fish and his heaviest was a 9lb fish,Archie Miller had 10 fish with a brace for 6lbs,Tom Anderson had 16,Barry Ward had 11 best was a 5lb wild Brown,Ian Munro had 12,Graeme Gibson had 8,Graham Murray had 10,Jimmy Rhind had 13,Gary Gormley had 11 and Chris Johnston had a nice fish at 7lbs 6ozs which looked overwintered and in great condition.Good averages this week for anglers around 5 fish per session for most.Bill Mullholland had a double hook up with a Blue and a tiger trout at the end  on his first cast.The first club competition went very well and was an enjoyable day for all members, with the outcome, 1st Chris Johnston,2nd Gary Gormley and 3rd which was joint and went down to the heaviest fish was Scott Burness.Over 300 in prizes were distributed donated by Fritz and Flies and Jim Tuck and a big thankyou to them for this.The next competition is for points toward club champion trophy at the end of the year and is dated for april 27th .It will be a floating line only competition as requested from members.

Coarse Loch
The carp began to show this week and Barry Evans had one around 3lbs along with roach,bream and skimmers.With the lochs warming very slightly fish began to feed a bit more and other anglers took roach,bream,gudgeon and rudd in their bags and as it gets warmer activity and bags should improve well with plenty of carp to come to the net.

Millbuies trout fishery(Boat Only)

The lochs at Millbuies have certainly benefited from having fish over winter and anglers are seeing this in the catch returns.Sport has been superb and as calmer conditions come fishing can only get better which will be hard to improve on the sport at the are some of this weeks returns,Joe Campbell had 18 fish,Dave Lietch had 36 fish,Graeme Gauld 23,Bob Adams 13,Ian Low 11,Rod Coults 14,Gavin Crombie 3 best at 6lbs 2ozs,Stu McGhie 7,Neil Raffen 9,Jim Mitchell and Brother Michael had 36 between them,Mel McDonald had 17 and Graeme Mckenzie had 11.Best flies have been damsels,cats whiskers and buzzers with wets also taking their fair share of fish.Fish are holding around the edges under trees and the top loch is producing well around the island.

All fish mentioned in report can be viewed on our web pages and also on facebook pages.