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Milllbuies opens with a bang and Glen report.
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len of Rothes trout and coarse fishery

With a windier week conditions were more suited to lures and intemediate lines and buzzers took a back seat as fish were down deeper with the bigger wave.Floating lines were just no use but there was still plenty of fish being caught.Some anglers reported hooking into some of the new bigger fish which ploughed into the deeps only to be lost or straighten hooks.Pick of the flies was the old faithful Consett budgies and orange fritzs which took the best of the fish.Some good Blues continued to be taken and Brownies also made a good showing with only the one tiger taken this week.Some examples of catches this week were,George Alexander 7,Rob Harding 9,Ian McLaine 10,Colin Taylor had a Tiger of 3lbs,Brian Graham had 16,Alan Riddell had 7,Frank Duthie had a Brownie and a Blue,Paul Bridgford 9 with his best at 4lb,Jim Eddie had a 4lb 9ozs fish,Tom Anderson 16 with a blue of 4lbs,Barry Ward 9 fish with a rianbow of 5lb,Jimmy Rhind had 8 best at 3lb 5oz,Peter Collins had a nice Blue and Jim McIntosh had  a good fish of 6lb 4ozs.Most averaged around 2 to 3 fish per session which considering the windy conditions was an acheivement.

Coarse Loch

Conditions certainly were a factor here with what method to choose and poles were out with the wind.Those who did fish chose method feeder and maggot.Bags of ide,roach,bream,gudgeon and Carp also made an appearance.Just like fly fishing weather conditions play just as much a part in coarse fishing also.

Millbuies trout fishery(boat Only)

Opening weekend was greeted with a westerly wind but some cover from the tree lined banks was afforded to anglers but not much with the lochs running west to east.This did not deter and plenty of good fishing was still had with Sunday seeing 8 anglers land 55 fish between them,including blues.Good average fish of 2 to 3 lbs were caught with some close to 4lbs.Anglers reported fish fighting like steam trains and leading them around the boat and Taking them into the deep.Over wintered fish with huge tails were taken and were in fit condition as expected and got this seasons fishing on the lochs off with a bang  and a show of what is to come this year at millbuies.Here are some of the results from the opening weekend,Gary Gormley 11,Kev Middlemiss 6,David reid 17 heaviest 3lb 8oz,Bonnie Dunbar 3 heaviest at 3lb 12oz,Neil Smith 3,Dave Simpson 2,Willie McRobbie 1,Derek Costen 5 and Jeff Costen 6.Best flies were Bluebottles,damsels and cats whiskers on intermediate lines.When booking a boat a deposit is required.