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Kevin Moss

Glen of rothes trout and coarse fishery

The signs at last that the new season is nearly here, even with some days winds at gale force dont make it easy for anyone the fishing has rewarded anglers who braved the conditions.The fishing overall has been excellent and with good average sizes of fish around the 3lb mark of late,with this years stock going in regular now with fish well into double figures the fishing should be interesting .Best tactics have varied from day to day and those who have done well have carried two rod set ups of floating and intermediates with Buzzers ,okey dokeys and bloodworm patterns and the other black Zonkers,black fritz and cats whiskers being the most productive.Slow retrieves have been best and in right conditions fish have been very close to the surface feeding well.Here are some of the last weeks catches by individuals.Okane Mclennan had 22 fish his best at 6lbs,gary Gormley had 9 fish with a fish just over 6lbs,Slater Scott had 8 with  a double returned,Paul Bridgeford had 8 and 10 fish on two outings,Jimmy Rhind  had 11 fish on ace of spades,Stuart McGhee had 9 fish with 2 brownies over 2lbs each and a fish of 4lb returned,Chris Johnston had 9 ,Louis Noble had 8,Ian McPhail had 9,Derek Williamson had 8,Derek Richie had 9,Ali Hunter had 8,Brian Scobie had a fish of 5lb 8ozs and Robert Murdoch had a fish of close to 6lbs returned.The fly tying club will start again in March at the fishery and with a good number of members taking part now in learning the craft of fly tying is a good evening.The club secretary is at the fishery each saturday for members to pay this years subscriptions and benefit from the discounts at the fishery .

The coarse loch has been fishing well for those this week.method feeders have been best with maggot and plenty of silver fish been caught and Bob Jackson had a carp just over 2lbs.Rudd,roach and skimmers havebeen the main species.

Millbuies trout fishery.

This seasons opening day is march 15th and all boats are booked and with a good stock of fish which has had  plenty of time to overwinter they should be in fighting condition for anglers on top of the new stock of blues fishing this year here should be very good.1 Blue per bag will be allowed to be taken this year and opening times will be 8am to 4pm and 4pm to 10pm on the 2 available sessions a day.Top of the water sport will be excellent especially evening s.The scierra pairs competition heats on 24th and 25th May have only a couple of places left and will be a great competition for anglers with many prizes available for entrants.