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Deep thinking at Lochter.
« on: February 13, 2014, 10:21:40 AM »

A lot of dwelling in the Lochter bothy took place last week either by wet fishermen taking refuge or by those plucking up the courage to venture out.In these situations  there is always a bit of banter and what could be loosely called a cross pollination of wisdom.One wise but  dry angler regaled his favourite quote that the charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of that which is elusive but attainable,a perpetual series of occasions for hope.A fellow but wet angler obviously not  so enthused quickly replied "I hope it ....... stops raining for a start". There was then silence as everyone reflected on these words in a silent vigil looking  out the window for the rain to stop.
When the rain did stop there was some encouraging fishing to be had particularly at the Muckle trout  loch where the water has lost most of its previous colour.Ernie Mackay landed 8 fish on a selection of lures, Alan McKenzie from Aberdeen netted 6 fish ,mostly on a yellow dancer , one which was 8lbs and was returned to fight another day. Jim Weir from Westhill got 5 fish using a black then green fritz, Terry Daniels from Ellon had 4 fish for his day all on Diawl bachs and Ian Armstrong fished solidly for the day and was rewarded with 3 fish all taken on a bead head nymph.Conditions have been difficult but at least the water colour is gradually starting to clear and it is anticipated that the fish should begin to feed a bit more actively as the week progresses.


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