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« on: October 03, 2006, 00:25:17 AM »
Hi folks, the first half of the week followed a similar pattern to previous ones, with dry flies, Bibio, spiders, Kate MacLaren and Klinks producing good sport. But then the weather became changeable and many anglers opted to explore other depths with Damsels and Mini Cats, which also produced a good number of fish towards the end of the week.

Ray Birrell from Dundee visited the fishery for the first time and took to the float tube, keeping 3 fish for 14 lb 8 oz and releasing 5 on his Bibio Emerger.

Ewen Laing from Scone landed his largest ever trout this week, which weighed in at 11 lb 7 oz, one of 8 fish on a Damsel for his afternoon session.

The "Airport Anglers" had a damp club outing on Sunday ......... Very damp!  :shock:
It certainly wasn't the easiest day of the week for fishing ....... but they netted an average of 7 fish each for their morning and Top Rods on the day were Ian Forrest with 13 fish up to 4 lb and Dave MacKay with 12 fish up to 3 lb.

Jim Adie fished his Summer League entry and tempted 30 fish up to 8 lb for his morning, most of which fell to a wee damsel.  Stephen Davidson netted 18 fish up to 6 lb and was a tad unlucky when he lost a very large fish under the boat, but his luck returned later in the week when he was rewarded with another nice fish of 10 lb 4 oz. Richard Cowie tempted 10 fish up to 4 lb on WSW, Brian Milne 10 fish up to 3 lb on damsels and dries, John Sharp netted 8 fish up to 8 lb on damsels and Hugh Baxter had 14 fish up to 6 lb on his Kate MacLaren.

Please note that the fishery is fully booked for the day on Friday the 6th and Saturday the 7th for club outings. Please contact me on 07810 868897 for availability of boats at other times.

Best wishes
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