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An update from the year at Millbuies and for next season.
« on: December 07, 2013, 12:00:59 PM »
March saw snow and ice which delayed the planned opening day but once it cleared and anglers were on the water the fishing went well.Over the season the lochs have seen many new anglers fishing the water,many didn't even know about it but since experiencing them have been back to enjoy what these lochs have to offer,not just in fishing.
Through the season we had to stop float tubes to protect the water from any chances of contracting the surge in argulus due to weather in other waters throughout the UK,thankfully we did not suffer from it.
The fish were certainly in prime condition and all full finned and tailed and fighting fit.Some good wild browns were caught over the season along with Blues, which have grown on since they were introduced the previous year due to the high content of insect life which adorns the lochs.
The hot summer did see a burst of weed growth which came late in the season and too late to sort as the season was near its end but will not suffer from this next year as it will be well sorted.
Plenty of clubs took advantage of the lochs and bookings are already in place for this season coming.
It is always good to hear feedback from anglers and interesting to note all was positive on the lochs and fishing with no moans it must be a first.But that is the beauty of these waters.
What was good overall was that the fish were doing what they should and were feeding on the abundance of fly life that is around the tree lined lochs,something which was lacking previous,it always used to be lures that worked but now buzzers,bloodworms and traditionals such as bibios,black pennels and Kate Mclarens worked better.
The lochs were closed in October so as the fish could overwinter and come march 2014 these fish will be bars of silver and will put a bend in any anglers rod so hang on tight.Certainly enjoyed a few days myself here over the year and a true pleasure of what fishing should be.
A big thankyou to all who shared the lochs with us and for respecting the water and its environment.

So to next year for Millbuies.

Opening will be in March, weather permitting.rather than 6 boats, we are going down to 4 boats only for each normal session, giving plenty of room for fishing,with another 2 boats available only for any club outings ONLY.Our aim here is not commercial, but for anglers to enjoy the fishing and peacefull surroundings of the lochs.
We will be introducing a lot more Blue rainbows to all our waters and will allow some to be taken,these fish have been growing steadily ready for this introduction and was always part of the plans, which take time.Some larger fish will be introduced to spice things a little ,on top of what is already there should make the fishing very good.Dont underestimate the water,there are some big wild browns here and we did have reports of some large browns caught this year,these are truly wild and not stocked by us and all go back.Remember its not the numbers, but the quality of fish caught and take care when releasing fish.That is not to say there isn't plenty of fish to catch you just need to find them and be on the right tactics.

With over 13 acres of water to explore,sitting in one place does not help get the full benefit of the water and the fishing it has to offer.
Boats are still booking only at the Glen of Rothes trout fishery and keys are collected for the session here and a member of staff will collect them at Millbuies at the end of each session.

Prices will remain the same for 2014 and no increase.

We have a weekend deal which comprises of a full days candr at the Glen and a session on millbuies the next day with 2 fish and candr, all for 35.This is not restricted just to weekends and can be any 2 consecutive days.
If you have never experienced Millbuies you are missing out on one of the most scenic fisheries in the UK and a hidden gem.The wildlife is fantastic,with red squirrel,deer coming down to drink,pine martins,owls,woodpeckers and osprey to name a few.It is boat only with no bank fishing at all and is strictly fly only.

Session times have a slight change to them for next year and will be from:-
day session 8am to 4pm and evening session 4pm to 10pm at the jetty.Keys can be picked up from the Glen anytime from 7.30am for day sessions and either at the jetty/office at Millbuies for evening session if there are boats out or if no day session boats are out, collect from the Glen as normal.

We hope you are looking forward to next season as much as we are, it should be great fishing and I will certainly enjoy the pleasures of this water.



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