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Lochter Fishery Report - Swanning about at Lochter
« on: December 04, 2013, 10:12:39 AM »

There were a lot of battles fought at Lochter this week, not all of them piscatorial, the main one being between our resident pair of swans who were having to continually see off any rivals who had thoughts of a comfortable Winter berth at the fishery. At times there were more take off’s and arrivals than at nearby Dyce but things have now settled to an early  Winter normality with our resident pair still victorious..
Likewise the fishing has also settled to a Winter norm as the colder weather has prevailed. Buzzers have been particularly effective with Steve Corsar in double figures using this method and J Mair also had 8, Kevin Reid 7 ,Chris Fraser 4 and Hugh Taylor 3.
Going through the returns book a selection of some of the more successful lures,  Brian Ross had 8 fish using damsels, Bruce Weir had 7 on a cat’s whisker, James Wilson had 5 on a skunk lure and George Nicholson had 4 on differing coloured nomads.
With cold crisp weather forecast for the week ahead these proven fishing methods should continue to work well.


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