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Some amount of fish being caught this week.
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Glen of Rothes trout and coarse fishery

Early part of the week was quiet due to strong windy conditions which made it not pleasing for anyone fishing.Once it settled down, so did the fishing and it was quite decent in the November sunshine.There was certainly plenty of fish around to be caught and they were keen to take a fly.Anglers found themselves hitting fish all over thelochs and the main flies were blobs,okey dokeys and white fritzs which took the majority.Craig Cowan had 30,Colin Smith 25,Paul Sharp 25, and David Chalmers 30 making a total of 110 fish and all had fish over 6lb returned, for these four anglers alone in a session,One days fishing alone produced a total of  163 fish for anglers.Other  noted catches were,Kev Middlemiss 11,Chris Johnston 17 with fish of 6lb 6oz,6lb 5oz and a 6lb fish amobg these,Colin Adam had a beauty of 7lbs 2ozs, Willie petrie had 8 fish including a 4lb 14ozs fish and a tiger trout,Jim  Eddie 10,Gordon Grant 25 and Slater Scott had 13 fish.Tom Anderson had fish of 8lb and 6lbs plus and Barry Ward had one of just over 4lb 8ozs.
Now that ice is around the pumps are working away and keeping the main loch clear for fishing.If in any doubts              ring the fishery before travelling any distance.Please take a look at our websites which show the fishery closing dates over Christmas and New year.


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