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Artloch Report
« on: July 02, 2007, 23:34:18 PM »
Rain did affect play at Artloch last week and while the silt ponds usually work very well, so much water is running off the surrounding land that, unusually, the water became slightly coloured.   Combined with the changing weather – it was not unusual to find a 5 degree fall in air temperatures causing mist to rise during the evening – meant that fishing required a little more thought than usual and baskets were lower than normal.   Nevertheless, a wide variety of flies did attract fish ranging from Cats Whisker and Red Fritz to Black or Olive Buzzers and Kate McLaren and Dunkeld to a number of various dry flies; Olive Midge, Black CDC, Grey Klinkhammer. Examples of baskets include L Wood and G Sutherland who both released 8, best at 4lbs in very wet conditions, while visiting anglers S Ray and S Potter each released 10, best at 5lbs.   F Moors released 11, best at 5lbs and another visitor, B Pass, improved with 12, best at 4lbs, while I Sutherland released 14, best at 4lbs.   Top rod was L Aitken with 15, best at 3 1/2 lbs.   D Beverley, released a bow of circa 9 to 11 lbs, using the well known distance release technique!       

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