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Good Winter fishing
« on: November 11, 2013, 08:51:56 AM »
Glen of rothes trout fishery

Normally winter fishing is slower than through the year but over the last week it hasnt shown this as fish have been caught consistantly.Buzzers have been the fly of the week without a doubt,okey dokeys,bloodworms being the pick of them.Both intermediate and floating lines have worked and not as deep as you would expect.Tigers of 4lb were caught by Willie Petrie who had 12 fish for his day,Brian McFadden had 11 with a Tiger just over 2lbs,Barry Ward had a Tiger of over 3lbs but Kevin Middlemiss on 2 outings had 30 fish and 25 fish with fish of 11lb 4ozs,8lb 2ozs and 7lb 6ozs among them,Paul Bridgford had 12 with a nice fish of 8lb 5ozs,Richard Ovington had 16 with his best at 6lb 8ozs,Jerry McEnteer had 10 fish,Tom Anderson had 10,Russell Jenkins 8,Jim Walker 8,Chris Johnston 9 and Gary Gormley had 12.
We also had a visitor in the shape of a glider which landed in the field near the fishery  happily noone was injured and it was dismantled and removed safely.
There will be a meeting for the proposed club this Sunday 17th Nov at 4pm at the fishery for those who have shown interest. 


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