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Clint Parsons

Haddo Trout Fishery w/e 28/10/13
« on: October 28, 2013, 12:22:57 PM »
After a rather wet friday ,Saturday looked much better with a good number of rises and leaps from the fish in the lake. Saturday had good sport for the fisherman with G.Ellington having a great bag of 19 good fighting fish. other bags of 6/7 were had . J.Donaldson and A.Donaldson had never fly fished before and they managed to tempt 2 each to the boat. Sunday saw a brighter calmer day with Buzzers still the choice of many fish especially white buzzers doing well. Noel had a good bag of 7 upto 3lb and a.Krokawic had 5 in the afternoon session on sunday.

the water is still looking very good and the fish full of energy.
come along and have a day on the boats while you can who klnows when this winter will hit and how bad its going to be :cry.


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