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Glen and Millbuies report we 28th (Winter begins)
« on: October 28, 2013, 08:52:04 AM »
Glen of Rothes trout fishery

As the shorter days came, signs of winter started to appear as fishwent that little deeper and lures and intermediate lines became a little more common in their use.Even so,floating lines and buzzers did work well at times showing it is usefull to have both at hand which will extend your chances when fish dont seem to be "on" it could be they have gone down and a change is required.

The best of the flies have been black buzzers,white fritz and black zonkers.Plenty of fish were caught over the week and some examples in no particular order.Frederick Post,first time flyfishing and had some tuition landed a fish of 7lbs 8ozs,This years Troutmaster winner,Jim Tuck and partner Tracy visited and enjoyed a few hours with Jim landing  a 6lb fish and also a Tiger trout among his 9 fish on buzzers,Tracy not to be out done had a fish just over 4lbs and her best was at 8lbs,Frank Duthie had a fish of 10lbs,Jim Eddie had an 8lb er,Kev Middlemiss had a fish of 5lb 8oz among his 9,BenCresswell had a fish of 8lb 4ozs,Tom Anderson had one at 8lbs,Nick Kelly had a 5lb 8oz,Goerge Flett weighed in a fish of 7lb 12 ozs among his 7 fish,with a nice Brown of 3lb 8ozs returned and Duncan Murt returned a nice Tiger Trout.

For those who showed interest in the Club,there will be a meeting on Sunday November 17th at 4.30pm at the fishery to discuss this.Election of officers and setting up,what you the members want from it as it will be your club, will be discussed.
Coarse Loch

Fish were still taking but mainly silver fish of roach,bream,ide and also gudgeon being the main with the carp alot quieter now the season is on the change.Maggot and pellet is still the favoured choice of bait.

Millbuies trout fishery.

The season on the lochs is now at an end for this year and will reopen in March.It has been a great year for the lochs and many anglers have enjoyed the tranquill and beautifull  scenery they offer along with excellent sport the fish provided.Many first timers here have placed it on the calender for next year.We will only be using 4 boats next year on the lochs and the fish can now over winter, so as come March will be in fighting fit condition and with a good addition of Blues to go along with some bigger specimens, the fishing should be on fire and get off to a great start which can only improve as the season goes on.We would like to thank all those who visited and we look forward to seeing you again next year.

Allan Liddle

Re: Glen and Millbuies report we 28th (Winter begins)
« Reply #1 on: October 29, 2013, 19:36:29 PM »
Disaster, was hoping to get a day on Millbuies either Sat or /sun this weekend, ah well maybe next year.


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