Kevin Moss

Glen of rothes trout fishery

There was only a wee blip middle of the week where it turned colder and fish switched off but either end of the week fishing continued to be steady and fish were to be found not out in the middle of the waters but close in at the edges.This is where experience comes in and rather than just cast straight away it pays to hang your flies for a few seconds as fish will follow and take last minute.Colour white took over from bthe black and was quite consistant for most.Gavin Addison had a great day with 12 fish on buzzers with fish of 7lb 8ozs and also 5lb 13ozs and returned one of 8lb plus,John Watt landed a 7lb 12ozs fish,Paul Keir had 12,Ian Storey had a fish of 5lb 6ozs,Richard Watkin had a Tiger trout,Gary Stewart had a fish of a lifetime a Brown trout of 8lb plus (estimated)Ian Savage a 4lb 1oz,Ian Wilson had a Tiger trout,Bob Mann had a tiger of 4 lb plus,JimEddie had a fish 8lb,Jimmy Rhind had 24 for his session with a nice tiger of 2lb 8ozs returned,Kev  Middlemiss had 10,Chris Johnstone had 8 best at 4lb 1oz,Gary Gormley had 8 with his best at 6lb 14ozs.

Coarse loch
Only a couple of anglers ventured this week but all caught fish with the mild weather helping.Poles were used and soft pellet and maggot.Bream,roach,ide and the odd Carp made up bags.

Millbuies trout fishery

As the season on the lochs now draw to a close,this week has seen fishing finish how it started with anglers having really good sport and many have enjoyed the fishing on the lochs this year.Fish will now be left to overwinter and be fighting fit ready for the start of the new 2014 season starting in March with more top quality fish being stocked ready for opening which will include alot more Blues and new for 2014,these will be allowed to be taken.There will only be 4 boats in operation next year on the lochs which will make fishing alot better for anglers.
Prices will remain the same as this year with the normal 2 sessions being day8.30am to 4pm and evening 4.30pm to 10pm.These are the only sessions on the lochs and its advisable due to demand, to be booked in advance.

Some of recorded catches this week in no particular order,Mel MacDonald 12 fish heaviest at 3lbs 8ozs,John Shearson 2,Craig Davidson 3,Colin Davidson 1,Mark Nicholson 14 best at 4lbs 8ozs,Ian Page 6,Steven McConnachie 11,J Davidson 2,Greg Patterson 2,Sandy Ramsey 2 and John Milton 2.Best flies have been daddies,vivas,cats,greenwells,Hares ear and yellow dancers. 

Mike Barrio

Great stuff Kevin, it's good to see that your first season at Milbuies has been a good one :z16

Best wishes
Mike   At the heart of your fishing ..... lies a great fly line!

Kevin Moss

Thanks Mike,yes been a really good year.the lochs are now fishing the way they should and next year should be even better.But going down to 4 boats only as I don't want the place to be commercialised, they are too special and there for the good fishing and the peace and tranquillity of them and of course all the wildlife.Good that the fish are feeding off the top and on traditionals.
Roll on march I say. 


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