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International arrivals at Lochter
« on: October 14, 2013, 16:31:40 PM »
This weekend will see the arrival of some of the competitors for the International Bank Fly Fishing Championships, the final of which will be held at Lochter on Wednesday 23rd October.
These early arrivals will be eager to get a feel for the water prior to the big event. This will be your chance to fish alongside the best Stillwater anglers from Scotland,Wales,Ireland and England.
All the lochs are open as usual to the public on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October.
On Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd October the two lochs in front of the bothy will be used solely for International practice and on Wednesday 23rd October for the International Final itself. The public are welcome to attend to support their team.
However over these 3 days the Muckle Trout loch will still be open to the public and it is being specially stocked to ensure good sport is had.
We are still looking for Controllers to assist at the final, so if you want to take an active part in the event then please call Stuart at Lochter on 01651 872787.
During the week some very good catches were recorded as the fish continue to feed on the plentiful supply of fly life in the mild conditions.
Buzzers produced good results with Jeff Geddes netting 10 fish, Jim Legge 8 fish, Bill Robertson 6 and Frank Smith from Inverurie 5.
Going through the returns book it could be seen that a wide variety of lures were also doing well.
The WSW was much to the fore with Les Mess getting 11, Robbie Weir 7, Allan Riddell 6 and Robert Swan 4.Robert Reilly had 11 on damsels, Brian Shand had 11 on a mixture of white lures, Dave Mackay had 6 on a green pea blob, Dave Pottinger from Shetland had 11 on olive damsels, Luke Reilly had 5 on an old favourite the ace of spades and Paul Keir had a splendid day netting 21 fish using a black then olive fritz.
With no indication of any significant colder weather in the coming week the signs are favourable that tight lines will continue     


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