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Kevin Moss

Glen report
« on: September 30, 2013, 08:33:06 AM »
Glen of Rothes trout fishery
Fish are now feeding well on fry and can be found close into the margins.Its worth noting that its best to cover themargins at the end of the cast and let your line and fly hang in the water which at this time of year will produce fish as they follow the fly right in.Alot of fish have been taken this way this week and many have been reported on and off which can be frustrating,maybe due to lifting to cast too early as they follow close and take last minute,this is where hanging it can make the difference.Overall its been a good week of fishing,conditions have in the mainbeen favourable.Black once again was the pick of the colours with small traditionals coming out on top,such as Blackpennel,Kate mclarens,black spiders and in the lures it was black zonkers.At times intermediate lines were required but plenty of sport on the floating lines.some of the catches again in no order,John Watt with a 5lb 9ozs fish,Allun Riddle a 5lber,Alistair Pinkerton had 7 with 2 good browns,Malcolm Williams a 6lb fish from his 7 caught,Kev Middlemiss had an 8lb 7ozs fish from 11 caught with a 5lb fish on his other outing and 15 fish,Brian Graham had 7,Mark Morrison had a tiddler at 7lb 9ozs,Robert Stewart had a 4lb fish,Alan Beedhams had a cracking Tiger trout ,Marie Carruthers had an 8lb fish,Neil Smith had 9,Ian Stockwell had a 5lber returned,Bill Gray had a good day with a nice fish of 6lb 13ozs and Jim Eddie had 9 fish for his day.

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