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Kevin Moss

Glen of Rothes trout fishery

Many enjoyed the renewed sunshine and anglers have been among the fish all week with plenty of good fishing being had on varied tactics depending on conditions.The most consistant has been the colour of fly taking many fish wjhich has been Black.Its apparent now that fish are taking fry as zonkers,cat whiskers have done very well.Others have enjoyed taking on black spiders,kates,and buzzers have all worked on the day.Fish are giving a really good account of themselves and are not coming to the net easily which all adds up to a perfect outing.There was no shortage of specimens caught and in no particular order some examples were,David morrison on two trips had a 9lb 7ozs and followed this with a 7lb 2ozs fish,personal bests for him and deserved,Kev Middlemiss had 15 fish with an 8lb 15 and a tiger trout,Ian Savage who has only been fishing a few weeks had fish of 8lb 13ozs,Walter Douglas had an 8lb 14 ozs,Gordon Grant 16 with his best around 8lbs,Greg Lockheart on 2 visits had good fish of 6lb 11oz and 8lb 3ozs,Ian Munro had a 5lb 8oz fish,Trevor Hutchinson had an 8lb fish,Dave Simpson a 6lber,Graham Urwin a 7lb 2ozs fish,Darren Sadler a 6lber,Colin Gault had 17 fish,Lee Brackenbury had 9 fish best at 7lb 8ozs,Colin Teunion a 7lb 6ozs,Bob Mann a 5lb 6ozs,Mark easton an 8lb fish which has won the weekend prize as the heaviest from sat and sun,Chris Johnston10 fish best a 4lb 4ozs fish,David Mckay had 2 good fsh of 5lb 14ozs and 5lb 15 ozs for his day.plenty of Brown were caught as were blues,George Stewart jnr had one of 2lb 8ozs,Barry Ward had a 3lb brown,David Templeton had a 4lb Brown,Kieth Kryle had a Brown.All pictures as usual can be found on our website and facebook pages.

Coarse Loch

Anglers enjoyed good mixed bags of fish,mainly to maggot.Scott Arthur and Richard Ogg who were targetting Carp had commons to 5lbs and Mirrors to 3lbs,Roach to 1lb,bream,skimmers,rudd,gudgeon and even eels made up the bags of other anglers.

Millbuies trout fishery.

Another good week of fishing on the lochs for anglers with dries working well along with kate mclarens.Graham McKenzie had 8 fish,Mel McDonald had 8 Alec McCormack had 4 on both trips,his best at 5lb 12ozs,Mark Ure had 2,Leighton Davies had 3,Gary Anderson had 4,K Dawson had 11,John O shea had 2,C Ferguson had 2,Andy McGlauglin had 3 and Euan Rowland had 2.

Pictures can be seen here.