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Clint Parsons

Haddo trout fishery up to 16 Sept
« on: September 18, 2013, 13:19:08 PM »
A few great days fishing and a few quiet days , seems the fish just cant make up their minds. Hopefully the weather is getting back to normal and the fish settling in ,however still some great catches and fights for those visiting us in the last few weeks. A.Smith and P.Broadley to name a few had good catches of mixed bags up to 2.5lbs with a few nice browns taken on dry fly. I had to get in on the action and took a beautiful 2.5lb brown just off the boats by the hut trying out a home tied "drake" dry fly.  

Two groups visited the fishery recently and had a great day out with some energetic fish showing off on the end of the line, a nice blue of 4lb went to S.Coutts on a black cat lure .
looking forward to seeing more of you out on the water at haddo to sample the fishing so drop us a line/email or call to book.

Mike Barrio

Re: Haddo trout fishery up to 16 Sept
« Reply #1 on: September 18, 2013, 13:59:41 PM »
Great stuff Clint ...... I love seeing the photos of the boats on the water! :z16

Must get over for a day on the water myself soon :cool:

Best wishes
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