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Kevin Moss

Glen report
« on: September 16, 2013, 08:55:20 AM »
Glen of Rothes trout and coarse fishery.
While the week worked toward the forecasted storm at the weekend which in the end didnt turn out the way it was expected which these days seems to be typical of forecasts and its better to take it as it comes on the day,the fishing was very good throughout,even on the "stormy" weekend.There were plenty of fish caught by anglers from dries to lures depending on the conditions on the day.Black has been the dominant colour,closely followed by olive.Black bunny leeches, black zonkers,olive damsels were the pick,cdc,s did very well and okey dokeys and woolie worms started their winter practice as the buzzers choice.
There were plenty of good fish taken,including a number of Brownies,Blues and Tigers,Dave Simpson had a cracking day with 14 fish.He weighed in one at 7lbs 13 ozs and then returned fish of 7lb,9lb and one over 10 lbs to end a good day.Simon Bilault had 10 fish with 2 blues,a brown and also a fish over 10lbs all returned,Kev Middlemiss had 20 with his best at 7lbs 10ozs,Neil Smith had 9 best at 8lbs 4ozs and also a Tiger trout,Ian Munro with8 fish best a 5lb14 ozsrainbow,Gavin Miller a 4lb 7ozs fish,Duncan McCallumon 7 best a 5lb 1oz fish,Jim Eddie had a 3lb 11oz Blue,Gordon Grant had 12,George Flett had 12 best at 4lb 8ozs,John Blanchard a 4lb 2oz,David Reid on cdc,s landed and released 10 fish including a brown of around 3lb 8ozs and Gary Gormley had 8 fish.
Coarse Loch
A quieter week here  but the anglers who did fish all caught with good mixed bags includingCarp,bream,roach and Gudgeon in the main.Dave Latty hooked into a good Carp whiich he estimated into double figures as it threw the hook just as it was coming to the net.Those fishing the pole,Bob Jackson and John Allsopp found it a little slower than those on the feeder and it didnt help with the drop in temperatures which certainly put fish down alot,but still caught carp,bream and roach.

Kevin Moss

Re: Glen report
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2013, 19:07:50 PM »
This weekend by popular demand and as the weather forecast is good.We have the summer bumper prize weekend again for sat and Sun only.The angler who catches the biggest fish wins.Also the regular card holders will benefit from a discount sat and sun only.Enjoy the sun and the fishing.
A lot of good fish being caught this week so it shouldn't be a one fish wins it.


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