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Kevin Moss

Glen of Rothes trout and coarse fishery

A decent week of weather provided some good fishing but at times it was easy and other times it got alot harder.Fish were up and down as bright sun appeared and disappeared.It was difficult to pick the best flyas they were caught on a whole variety of lures,wets dries and buzzers.The only consistancy out of them all was a damsel and this worked well.The story overall was there was so many fish lost this week.Ones that were caught and in  no particular order were,Gordon Grant with 21 fish and his best at 5lbs,Ronnie Smith 7,Gary Gormley with 8 fish including 2 blues,brown  and a Tiger,George Angus had a nice fish of 6lbs 12oz,Bob Mann landed a beauty at 7lb 15ozs all full tailed and finned,George Flett hd 9 including Blues,Chris Johnston had 7 and lost as many including a nice Blue,Nigel McIntyre on the weekend deal had a cracker of just over 10lbs and Karl Allan had his best to date at 5lb 3ozs.

Coarse loch

Fishing has been very good this week with the carp anglers enjoying plenty of sport.Scott arthur had Carp to 5lb on his overnight stay,Paul richardson had Common and Mirror Carp along with roach on the pole,Bob Jackson again using the pole had a good mixed bag of roach,skimmers and gudgeon and John allsopp had a good day with Rudd,Bream and roach.Best methods have been both pole and method feeders.Fish are certainly active and the loch is fishing well.

Millbuies trout fishery.

This week the sport has all been on the top and good catches have been had by anglers.Daddy long legs and traditional patterns such as bibios,black spiders and Kate Mclarens have been the pick of the bunch and everyone has enjoyed their fishing here.Stephen McConnachie had 14 fish on the top,Stuart Bremner had 10 fish and Nicky Bremner had 10,George Flett had 11 on nymphs,John Dow had 7.Both lochs have fished well and with plenty of fry around late sport should be very good.Plenty of fish showing on the surface which is encouraging when approaching a days fishing.Only day sessions are available now with thenights closing in and with the weather on the change please keep up todate with any changes on our website .

just some of the wildlife that is around the fishery daily.Hope you like them.If your fed up of seeing the pictures just let me know save me some time. :wink